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Sygnus Centauri, I got it

I feel you are on to something here - and i would say i have been on to the same things. It seems like a short time away, but even most of the folks involved in the Campaign aren't cognizant of this bigger picture.

And they shouldn't worry about it until their time is right. Many of the people who are getting these bigger chunks (they are much bigger than what most people are dealing with), are dedicating their resources (IMHO) VERY WISELY toward the ground work of the Campaign right now. The bottom up. And as everyone is aware, though i doubt to the greatest extent that it is true, this thing is about the Message. The context of a man running for president is the wonderful vehicle that has been chosen to accomplish the meta-changes that are occurring during this shifting from one age into the next. But it is the CONTENT of the message that is driving everything.

Fascinating topic you brought up, though i have a feeling some here will question the validity of discussing it. . . here. (ed: it was deleted)

. . . not me :-)

We need to be grounded and focused on the physical work, and the mundane work - but once you are grounded you start picking up on the most incredible stuff. And what happens when _that_ stuff starts getting grounded out?

Well a big hint to those who think that the "changing of an age" topic is not appropriate for DP is that we would not be here if folks like us haven't been promoting the CONTENT for years with out the context of Ron Paul that it took to focus most of you. The changing of the age is what we have been using and has made this Ron Paul thing possible 12 months ago and since. (My username is newer but i have been at the Daily Paul every day since it started almost, as Michael would vouch for me.)

MAKE NO MISTAKE: The PTB, the "they," the "system" at its core - at its HEART - is aware of the changing of the age and using it for their ends. The campaign work is top priority, but these other things are worth exposing ourselves to. But of course the popular opinion is that there's nothing to it, really. But we all here know how valuable public opinion is, and where it has come most of the time.

There is an underpinning developing in our world (solar system) right now that, from my analysis, supports what we are doing in the Campaign, the rEVOLution, much more than it supports what "they" have been so good at for the last hundreds of years. Is anyone else noticing this? We are even noticing that "their" tactics don't work when our subconscious or old habits sometimes creep into the Campaign efforts, and we calibrate accordingly. It has been incredible to watch all of this. Well there's something to it, alright.

But nothing is guaranteed - that is not what i am saying. The next age in their hands will be uglier than anything we can imagine.

much luv, all

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Thank You for Noticing!

I think you are referring the 2012 thread I started and then later deleted myself. I wanted to write it out better.

I am going to be starting a website soon that focuses on creating an interdisciplinary forum where we can discuss the impending globalization that is coming in the 21st century. I will let you know when it is up, or if you know or can help I think that'd be super.

I think the real way to win is to create more cutting edge corporations. All USA is anymore is a corporation and corporations are not inherently bad, but the more creative we can be and come up with new ideas and so forth, that's where the real change is going to come from, the private sector, not public.

Globalization is inevitable in some of its aspects, but in the neo-cons hands it is going to be a nightmare.

I'll find you sometime and maybe give you my email address when it seems appropriate. =)

It is the dawning...

Of the Age of Aquarius