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God’s New Banker Brings Teutonic Thoroughness to Vatican

God’s New Banker Brings Teutonic Thoroughness to Vatican

By Guy Dinmore and Rachel Sanderson in Vatican City
May 31, 2013 | 12:01 am

On his last full day of a troubled papacy, Benedict XVI bade farewell to his household staff lining up in the Vatican, greeting cleaners, drivers and gardeners, before stopping to exchange just a few words with a newly arrived fellow German.

“I got a rosary. He wished me strength,” recalls Ernst von Freyberg, who two weeks earlier had been named head of the Vatican bank in the Pope’s last major appointment before his historic abdication in February.

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I wonder...did Jesus

say goodbye to His lined up drivers, gardeners, cleaners, valets, private Swiss guards, Bankers on his last day? Bah!!!

Got the headline but, no article.

Do you have to sign in to be able to read it?

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