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Please send quick email to-

Syndicated "conservative" radio talk show host Bob Lonsberry.

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On Monday (MLK day- the very day that Ron Paul collected another 1.95 million from grassroots), I heard Bob Lonsberry say he could vote for any GOP candidate (over Hillary or Obama) EXCEPT for Ron Paul... because "Ron Paul is an isolationist." I telephoned the show within minutes but never got through.

The irony- Bob went on for the next half hour about the need for limited government, less taxation, more LOCAL control (i.e. States not Fed), securing borders, etc. basically parroting everything Dr. Paul stands for!

Please drop a quick email to Mr. Lonsberry with a brief lesson on the difference between "isolationism" and non-intervention.
If you do it right- he just might come over to our camp. He leans toward Flip Romney now. I already sent mine to:


His personal website is: http://www.lonsberry.com/


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Bob Lonsberry Supports The Iraqi Occupation

Bob does a radio broadcast in Utah besides his hometown of Rochester, NY. Lonsberry, Mitt Romney and Glenn Beck have a common denominator, which is their strong religious Mormon faith. He is pro military, and by that I mean using the military as the right-wing of the neoconservative movement to further economic, social and political agendas around the world; under the cover of “defending America”.

He has referred to Dr. Paul as a “screwball” in his website column. (see: http://www.lonsberry.com/writings.cfm) and favors Mitt Romney (see: http://www.boblonsberry.com/writings.cfm?story=2303&go=4).

Bob’s has a popular radio audience because he frequently flaunts patriotic fervor as a reason for fighting for democracy around the world. He is an Army military veteran and served as a journalist.

Now, what IS surprising to me about Bob is that he is vilified by a pro LDS website as being an operative of the New World Order (NWO). (see: http://www.awakeandarise.org/ home page, search on “Lonsberry”).

This website is very complimentary to Congressman Paul, so could it be possible our cause has support within a faction of LDS?