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UPDATED: Garden Pics 2013 - Rain... Ask, and you shall receive *facepalm*

UPDATE 6-02-13: *sigh*

This was at 7 AM, and they're calling for rain all day today, which means this is likely going to get far worse... and as I type, the rain noise on the roof just went up about 10 decibals.

So I sit and watch out the window as yard after yard of topsoil runs out into the grass and ditches, and roots expose.

Also on that note, bigmikedude will remember to roll up his truck windows at night from now on. &$@%&$@^

Now I know what sitting on a wet sponge feels like.


This is the current Garden (2013) and a few other miscellaneous shots from life around the bmd 'stead.

Had a rough start this year with germination, and earlier than normal pests, because of the weather, so we have a few gaps in rows this year and everything isn't quite as uniform as normal. But what made it will do just fine.

Most of the pic titles are explanatory enough.

Best off clicking the word "next" on the big pic to advance to the next. Clicking on the thumbnails seems to confuse the order.

Disregard the couple duplicates, it seems there might be three or four, no time to delete them now.



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A dozer and lazer level................

.....will fix your problem permanently.

Taper away on all sides, heavy mulch.

What I did.

Until you control the water, you are outta control.


oh Mike I am so sorry for you
this happened to us 5 years ago, all 5 gardens flooded out
But...there is still time to replant, we did and actually had an amazing outcome

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BMD, everything was laid over this morning.

This afternoon I will take a few pics and hopefully you see that just a little sun makes all the difference. I'm going to take the pictures now. Will learn to use imgur again and let you see all will be well.

May take a day or two but the sun does give a few miracles. I'll even post a few pics of flowers for fishy!

Told her we planted 3500 last year and 4 thousand this. They are starting to bloom and they are looking well. Just hope they bring the bees!


1976-1982 USMC, Having my hands in the soil keeps me from soiling my hands on useless politicians.

has anyone written the ebook

about dealing with emotional loss as a farmer?


There is nothing strange about having a bar of soap in your right pocket, it's just what's happening.

Sorry to hear this, bigmikedude

Will pray for dryer weather for you. Side note: We have had quite a bit of rain as well, and our passenger side window does not always like to go up when we want it to. (hope you do not ever have that problem with your electrical system!) So if you are ever in that spot, you can try using a large plastic bag draped in the doorframe, at least until the rain stops.

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LoL! And I am laughing with you my friend for

I have been watching my corn lay down and pick back up for weeks now. Seems as though every time they start looking good we get a horrible storm(just like right now as I look out the window while typing)and it lays it back down.

Just get me started. I have picked up tomato limbs with the fresh fruit covered in mud more times than I care to count. One good note is I picked my first Cherokee Purple and Gypsy tomatoes last night when I got in from work.

Don't worry, the veggies will come back. Be happy as I am that you and yours are safe. Will keep you in my thoughts and pray all here at the DP have a bountiful harvest.

Remember that every year is different. In the end I believe the home gardening harvest will be much better than big agra. This may wake more people to the beauty of doing and relying on oneself. Either that or they may starve in the future. Many of the large farms will fail this year. The drought in the farm belt has lasted too long.


1976-1982 USMC, Having my hands in the soil keeps me from soiling my hands on useless politicians.

Hey nice ride

Don't have any now but in the past I've owned the following BMW's (although my memory might be a bit rusty, it's been decades):

1959 R-69S
1981 R65
1982 (or thereabouts) R80GS
a /5 "toaster tank" that I can barely even remember at this point.

Do I miss them? Eh, bikes come and go but....

I never should have let go of the R69S. I didn't realize that when you get old you lose your coolness. It is practically impossible to be uncool on an R69S.

There is nothing strange about having a bar of soap in your right pocket, it's just what's happening.

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Now I know you as a brother.

Had a 72 /5 with toaster tank and side panels. R50/5. Turned it to a R75/5 and eventually a R90/5. Was such a delight to ride and when a guy pulled up next to me and asked where I got that sticker made my day.

He was talking about the roundel and thought I pasted it on a motorcycle. I laughed and left him at a redlight on the rear wheel in 1st through 4 gears.

Damn I miss that bike.

They are coming out with a retro bike this year. I asked the President of Motorrad if it would have a toaster tank and he told me he would not go that far. This makes me believe it will be a R90S. I will buy one of these and sell every one I can get my hands on.

I just gained a new respect for you Smudge. Always had my respect but now, I know you are a connoisseur of truly fine motorcycles.


1976-1982 USMC, Having my hands in the soil keeps me from soiling my hands on useless politicians.

So sorry, bmd!


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for a laugh of disgust. It seems the rough start this year is not yet over.

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Very nice!

I just finished getting my garden in today.

I was delayed (though not by much. I live in central Maine) due to a right hand burn suffered 3 weeks ago. It is almost healed, though I still need to use a rubber glove when working in the dirt.

What growing zone are you in?

Thanks for the pics!

those pics inspire me!

Those lovely pics inspire me to expand my 15x30 garden--I want to include spinach, artichoke, potatoes and more!

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Nice Garden Mike

The frosts finally ended here, so my garden just got planted last week.
I have 125 tomatoes of 8 varieties, also broccoli, beans, lettuce, carrots, onions, peas, koli robis, peppers, strawberries and more.

I started most of my plants from seeds this year (there were a few lessons to be learned there). Just planted a peach tree and a yellow plum. Yellow plums are delicious and I highly recommend them.
Thanks for sharing the photos.

Damn starlings.

Very Awesome Mike!

... Incredibly beautiful! One day I hope to have something similar.

Your an inspiration Mike! Keep it up brother :)

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Sweet garden

Looks great but I didn't see any tomatoes. :-( You ever grow any Okra? I have a ton of heirloom Cow Horn okra seed from last year still in the pods that I would like to get a good garden home for. Is asparagus as hard to grow as I've heard?

My wife sneaked into my garden the other day and pulled some new potatoes from some of my plants. I didn't know it until I happened into the kitchen and caught her cooking cream potatoes and cornbread. God I love that woman.

Also just for informational purposes for anyone reading this. I had the hardest time growing onions until I found out two things. First of all do not plant them too deep and secondly as they grow instead of pulling dirt up around them you pull dirt away from them so that the onion sits on top of the ground.

And my last observation is, garden guard or not I do not let Black Widows spiders live.

Thanks for the pics.

I believe the tomatoes are in

I believe the tomatoes are in the "summer veggies" pic.

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Thanks. (Yeah TJ, you're correct)

There's like 24? tomato plants this year I think, vs. 40 or so last year. Lol That was way too much work when you stake and tie them.

A couple seem be being dying though along with just a few select other plants, for no detectable reason so far, which is annoying the crap out me because I've never had this issue before.

The okra is right in front of the tomatoes, possibly to small right now to make out.

And (anothernobody) asparagus isn't really "hard" to grow, but there is much attention and maintenance necessary to do it productively and successfully. It requires hand harvest up to two, and sometimes even three times a day depending on temperature, when you have enough plants to produce large quantities. And then some other seasonal upkeep procedures.

Get rid of those Squash Bugs

Get rid of those Squash Bugs asap!

Southern Agrarian

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Not many of those yet this early in the season

Just one I found that did enough damage to wipe out and kill about 10 cucumber seedlings.

But you can bet I had a very brief discussion with that one about it. Lol

The potato beetles and young (pictured) are just par for the course when home growing potatoes. You can slow them down, take out a bunch with some powders, but you'll never eradicate them completely without using nasty crap that I wouldn't want on or in my potatoes.

My experience with truly pure organic gardening has taught me that if you want a truly large harvest from a huge garden, you have to just get real and accept the fact that you'll occasionally have to use some commercial mild powders at least. Most organic methods and folklore don't seem to do near what they are cracked up to do, and the amount of tending is ridiculous if you want pristine produce, or any time at all for yourself once in a while to do something other than work in the garden.

In short, 100% purely organic isn't always worth the work and inconveniences required for one man and gardens this size.

Take your eggs out of the fridge,

and keep them in a cool dark cupboard. They cook, beat, and bake better at room temperature.
Fabulous Garden, keep up the great work!!

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Thanks Jill

As for eggs, since I reduced the flock size a tad and quit selling them, I get so many more now than we'll ever use that at times I have to toss a few days worth into the woods or give them away.

I plan on getting rid of a few more birds, but I haven't decided for sure yet.


Looks fabulous Mike--as with our gardens and orchards we don't let a few weather bumps get in the way of continuing on.

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Yeah... and So goes the life of gardener hobbyists.

It's been a really weird year for me. I've encountered some really unordinary setbacks and delays this year with weather, bad stock that was purchased, and pests. Almost to an embarrassing level with the way it looks this year, rows with gaps, plants all different heights etc, some dropping dead for no apparent visible or detectable reason, having to be replaced, etc.

Not to mention a rogue rodent (we think squirrel by the evidence) that cleaned out an initial batch of ten flats of seeds - seedlings and all, in the garage this year. Which forced me to buy some from a greenhouse because it was too late to re-seed some of it.

This has been the most uncooperative season start I've ever had.

I had to stop back by

to view your awesome setup, bmd.

Very inspiring!

Thanks for sharing bmd!

I'm a serial entrepreneur and liberty activist from Texas!


Wonderful tour!

You have so much room, and no trouble with deer, it seems.

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Thanks Carrot,

Actually, I do find deer tracks regularly in the gardens, almost daily, but it baffles me *knocks on wood* that they have never touched anything in any of my gardens.

My neighbors get munched on occasion, but so far, they don't seem to eat here. Which I'm quite fine with lol.

I'd just like to figure out why and what it is that might be keeping them at bay so I can keep them out all the time no matter where I am. Lol

I was surprised to not see any deer fences

and couldn't imagine how you escaped the need. That they don't touch your crops is mystifying, but gratifying.

Really good, dude.

And I like how you have Asparagus and Artichoke.

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I've grown asparagus for years. We like it.

The artichokes were basically something new to try because my neighbor and his family eat them by the dozens, so he asked if I could grow them. So it was a more or less a challenge having never grown them before or knowing anything about them. So far, year two, they seem to be doing pretty good.