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My letter to the RNC...

The other day, I received a 2008 GOP Census document in the mail. Did anybody else get one of these? Apparently, I was selected to represent the Republican voters in my voting district. It was chock full of leading questions that I answered contrary to their wishes (I'm sure) and still seemed to be playing the fear card. It was also blatantly asking for money, which I pretty much ignored, but then I looked on the back. If you donated at least $25.00, you could select the candidate that you recommended or endorsed. To my surprise, Ron Paul was one of the selections, so I returned it with a check. The census and included letter led me to believe that the party is in disarray, as I suspected anyway. I looked at this as a golden opportunity to voice my opinion to the Chairman on the RNC. I'm not sure if this was a good or bad idea (I'll be looking out for a black helicopter), but I wrote the following letter and sent it directly to him. As a dedicated RP supporter, I'd like to share it with you. Please understand I thought it best to downplay my fervor for RP in the letter. I welcome your thoughts on this.

January 23, 2008
Mr. Robert M. Duncan
Chairman, RNC
Dear Mr. Duncan:

I am writing this letter in direct response to the 2008 GOP Census in which I was invited to participate. I have completed and mailed the Census Document, but wanted to take the opportunity to convey my deeper, personal opinions to you and the RNC, directly.

Apparently, the Republican voter base is in disarray. Otherwise, I don’t suspect the Census effort would be necessary. As a concerned citizen, I am offering my insight on this matter. I don’t expect you to like or agree with it, but I will offer it just the same. If you would like to get back in touch with the grassroots, please read on. I, for one, will do everything in my power to avoid another Clinton Presidency, but there is a dilemma which I suspect you have realized. There doesn’t seem to be a Republican Candidate that can beat her. God knows, the party has tried to force most of them down our throats, but none of them have stayed down.

I come from a deeply conservative family in Southeastern Pennsylvania and have always viewed political matters through Republican eyes. In recent years--the last seven to be precise--I find myself questioning the direction of the Republican Party. It seems that there is no longer any distinction between Democrat and Republican. From the average citizen’s perspective, the two party system is a two-headed beast. It doesn’t seem to matter who’s in office, things just seem to get worse. Additionally, John Q. Public is now convinced that his elected representatives don’t really care about him or his problems. Serving special and corporate interests seem to be all that matters.

I recall President Bush’s inaugural promises to maintain a humble foreign policy and to avoid nation building. I also recall him swearing to uphold the Constitution. Of course, the events in September, 2001 changed our perspectives, but they should have never changed our principles. If I may offer a quote attributed to Benjamin Franklin, “Those who would give up Essential Liberty to purchase a little Temporary Safety deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.” Since that terrible day in September, 2001, the U.S. Constitution seems to have been kicked to the curb. The Patriot Act, the Military Commissions Act, H.R. 1955, and a host of other knee-jerk legislation have done nothing but erode the very fragile fabric of Personal Liberty, which is paramount to the health of our Republic, and will do nothing to prevent terrorism. Our ignoring and straying from the Constitution, in my view, is a firm victory for those who would do us harm.

In regard to Iraq, in the opinion of many Republican individuals that I have spoken to, this was an unnecessary distraction. Our justified efforts fighting militants in Afghanistan was harmed by this decision. This was an unjust attack on a sovereign nation for the sole purpose of getting control of the oil spigot and awarding contracts to military-industrial contractors. Our country is going bankrupt because of such irresponsible behavior. The insistence that Iraq is the front line in the fight against terrorism is ludicrous. One of the main reasons that the voter base cannot accept this is the fact that our Southern border is wide open. Dangerous criminals and/or worse can walk right in the front door and vanish. If we were really concerned about our safety, this would not be the case.

I have dwelled on the GOP’s current dilemma for several months. I have put hubris aside and tried to look at things from a purely mechanical perspective…one that would keep a Republican in the White House. The conclusion I have reached is that the party needs an anti-war, fiscally conservative candidate who can return it to its core values and tenets. The only one available is Congressman Ron Paul. I feel he is not the best option; he is the only current option. His grassroots campaign can no longer be ignored and his message is purely, traditionally Conservative. The question is…Is there enough time left to adequately promote him and make him a viable candidate?

I sincerely hope you will consider what I’m saying. I’m frightened by the Socialist leanings of the Democratic Party and the prospect of it controlling the country again. I, as I assume you are, am concerned for the future of our nation. I feel that nominating a pro-war candidate at this time will cost us the White House. Will we allow that to happen?

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I cold never have put my feelings as eloquently

Great letter!

A truly great letter


You said it better than I ever could.

I reaslize that YOU realize, that it'll fall on deaf ears. In fact, that's probably why you posted it here. So SOMEONE would listen to you.

Well we hear ya!

Well done!

capn Mike

Where's it say...

I got the same census.
I too ignored it but I didn't see mention of "...If you donated at least $25.00, you could select the candidate that you recommended or endorsed. ..."
And I still don't?!
Would you please describe where it's at as I'd love to send it in if I knew it actually meant something!!


On the back...

On the back side of the census, there was a check box section where you could select a candidate. There was an instruction that said a min. $25.00 donation would recognize the selection (or something like that).

Your intentions are good, reality is bad...

The Republican Party is willing to lose the White House if it means continued global imperialism. The Democrats will continue the same foreign policy now used by Bush. I fear your letter will fall upon deaf ears. Good try though!

"It does not take a majority to prevail. But rather an irate, tireless minority, keen on setting brushfires of freedom in the minds of men." ~Samuel Adams while plotting the Boston Tea Party.


Great Letter!

As previous posts have mentioned.... perhaps the RNC won't listen to one well written letter, but 5-10 would be hard to discount, 20-50 would be peak interest... over 100 letters could start to change their opinions and isn't that what this grassroots r3VOLution is all about. I look forward to getting my GOP census letter in the mail!!!

Well done

That was an excellent letter you crafted. I think the leadership of the RNC just doesn't care enough to listen. Ron Paul is no one's puppet, so he will gather zero support from party leadership. It's why they have worked against him in his reelection bids for his house seat.

I hate to say this, but Stallin was right. It's not who cast the vote, it's who counts the votes. Let's keep it going!

An excellent letter!

Too bad no one at the RNC is listening. If they were, things like that which is going on in Louisana, would not be taking place. I pray your letter will fall upon the desk of someone who cares.

Nice letter

Hopefully the GOP will begin to listen before it's too late! On the other hand if the Dems win the Whitehouse we can be sure things will be so F'ed up in a couple years that voters will put the GOP in charge of congress. A hand tied Whitehouse and grid locked congress may be the best we can hope for without RP in there. Perhaps then after 4 more years the Revolution will be prepared to run another and then another and another at all levels of government until we take this country back.

4 years???

I fear we don't have another four years to spare. If Cruella De Bill or Obama wins, we'll be under world socialist rule by then. Any other "Republican" choice will be no better. Right now, this website and our discussions are criminal acts under H.R. 1955/S-1959! They are taking the peaceful-revolution option off the table. We have to understand this and think about what we'll actually do and how far we're willing to go for this revolution.

We haven't realized yet just how significant these times will be, years from now, looking backward. My main reason for writing the letter was not that I think anything will change, but to make my stand. In one of Dr. Paul's speeches (on YouTube somewhere) he said something like "Let it not be said that no one spoke up; that no one cared..."

The comment below is correct. Get involved at the local level. We have to make the change happen, not just watch it happen.

We'll be under world Socialist rule... by then?

Better wake up and look around you, buddy. You're under socialist rule right, whether or not we call it that. Probably half of everything you and I make in wages is currently taken from us in the form of these and other taxes:

Federal income tax
State income tax
Social security tax
Unemployment tax
Medicare tax
Sales tax
Gasoline tax
Cigarette tax
Property tax
Inheritence tax
Capital gains tax
Telephone tax
Toll road tax

The list goes on and on...

And you think that socialism is coming? Buddy, it's here now!

You're right...

You're right in that regard. I meant in an official sense when it will be too late to do anything about it.

great letter

i am so glad you were a person who received this letter from the GOP. your letter was well-worded and represents me personally. you said so clearly what i could not have written as well. thanks

only way...

to restore citizenry participation is at the local level--the precinct---with captains/delegates. There is no other way.