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Zero information on the official campaign website

Would someone explain to me why I can find no reference at all to the Louisiana mess on HQ's website? Wouldn't this be a critical time to provide some clarification, direction and how the Campaign is tackling it?

It seems we must come here to learn about the election shenanigans and this is how confusion and rumors start. The official website should be ahead of the curve on letting us know what's happening and what we should be doing. Instead, they are completely absent.

Not even a brief mention of anything, zero.

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Alex Jones INFOWARS website

Alex Jones INFOWARS website has an article on this. It's believe that Ron Paul did better than is known. Plus there's a link to the Louisiana GOP where the results will be posted later.



Louisiana is not decided yet, the campaign is waiting to post the results I am sure. Patience, no one knows anything yet....

Hayek...I would at the minimum expect

a short blurb referencing yesterday's caucus and that the campaign will report official results as soon as they are available or whatever. It's like the event never even occurred by going to RonPaul2008.


While I can totally understand why they would not want to mention "updates regarding slate positions " as they are the "face" of Ron Paul to the world and dont want to put ANYTHING on the site that appears premature, impatient or in the slightest way implies less than a fair shake- you would expect them to at least post a Joe Friday "just the facts ma'am" paragraph alluding to the fact that caucuses were in fact held. This seems to be their method- wait till all the facts are in and report on what happened- they seem consistant in that approach- maybe they figure the grassroots will figure the stuff out on our own- and the actual site is more for the msm's benefit- and they dont want to give them NOTHIN' lol