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---> How you can find "extra" money for RP

Last night I was paying my credit card bill and happened to notice that I had quite a large sum of "bonus points" accumulated that I had not redeemed. Rather than selecting some gadget or household item that I don't really need anyway, I decided to redeem the points for cash. Now, I've got $80 coming my way which can be donated to the next money bomb on top of what I was already planning to contribute. Woo-hoo!!! Has anyone else thought of this? Any other ideas where we can come up with a little "free" cash?

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A latte more money

Anyone with a Starbucks or other latte habit can switch to brewing coffee at home and, even if you use cream and sugar, you could still save approximately $2 for every drink you get. The "latte factor" could assist in contributing.
You can also prepare for the impending recession by eating out less, decreasing your drive-through consumption and substitute cheap frozen dinners or just cook at home.


Good idea!

I've already started doing this.

nice thinking

good idea, the simple things we forget.

"We can be free and alive" - RP

"We can be free and alive" - RP

The best thing is that it's "painless" in that

it's money I had forgotten I had access to. It's money I've been living without just fine until now and I won't miss it if I donate it.

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