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gold/silver investment advice for mother-in-law

So I've got my mother-in-law sold on voting for Dr. Paul should Indiana actually have a say in the primaries (would be nice for once!) We were talking about the tanking economy yesterday and she was asking what I'd recommend for new investments. She's had her 401k drop considerably here recently and was looking for some new places to put her money. I recommended investing in gold and/or silver obviously, but she wanted to know if there were any major investment companies like Edward Jones, Merrill Lynch, etc that dealt with commodities like this. Any advice on what's the best company to use to invest in precious metals that I can share with her?

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What kind of returns are you

What kind of returns are you looking for? You have to ask yourself what risks you are willing to take for the returns you get. Personally, a safe bet for people right now is to buy the Chinese currency, yuan. The expected appreciation of the yuan is around 8% in a year, and if Congress keeps pressuring the Chinese to float their currencies, the U.S. dollar would probably tank further. I don't know how much gold appreciates a year against the dollar, haven't really looked into it. However, gold prices have fluctuated before, so it isn't without risks.


ETF's are garbage. Their have been so many posts here people on what to do. We have been telling people to buy silver and gold for the past year. And now after your 401K has tanked, you want to switch to something else. That is sad. Well get out of that 401K today....don't wait.. Well, I have typed many articles on why, and really don't have the power to keep doing it. Jump into the Forum section and start reading through all of the threads. You will get it.

my Favorite site


Silver American Eagles and Gold Eagles!

well actually ...

I got out in October, so I've been in cash since then. I have my retirement accounts with Fidelity but they won't let me purchase and transport the metals. I got 20% in TIPS, but I know that's not the true inflation rate.

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Come on - you can at least contact "Swiss America". The companies that sell through the net are pretty much the same and SA is a supporter of this page. Buying through a private seller sounds like it would save some money but be CAREFUL!

"The question is not who will let me- the question is who will stop me" - Ayn Rand

"The question is not who will let me- the question is who will stop me" - Ayn Rand