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RP getting stompped in this poll -- 3.9%

Vote at the following poll. Apparently you can also submit questions for the upcoming Republican debate at this site but I ended up seeing the poll before the submit area.

Here, Skip to the last part here to see about debate question submittal:

Vote in Poll here:

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Ronny iz winning @ 37%

More MSM Tricks

If you guys hadn't pointed the trick out, a normal human being would think that Barack is killing.

This is not an innocent mistake.

Paul is at 37%

Paul is killing everyone in this poll.

Actually, we're kicking Obama's rear.

Look at the chart carefully. RP has the 37+ percent, not Obama!

We're kicking Obama's rear.




Actually Ron Paul is winning

the results show the bar/percentage ABOVE the name not below. weird i know.

everything's a conspiracy to me...

Thanks for pointing that out. Maybe they did that on purpose so people just glancing would assume Ron Paul is way behind.

This is LA times!!

You know how many people go to there website daily? A LOT!
Vote NOW, RP is at 3.9% and Obama at 37% !!!!!!!

Where are you guys?

look again

ron paul is at 37%

the names are below the totals

Thanks for pointing that

Thanks for pointing that out. That poll sure does look decieving when first looking at it.

Tricked Me Too

Vote RON PAUL 2008
I just voted and saw the results and had to look twice.

37.6% (RON PAUL) none too shabby. The highest score. Obviously all the primary results so far (other than Neveda -- yeah probably that too) have been twisted and confused and distorted // I'm sure we won those too.

Diebold = doesn't that translate to mean 'die boldly' // What the hell do you suppose that means?

Vote RON PAUL 2008