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Israel's Likely Role in the Anthrax Attacks after 9/11 and its Long History of Terror via the Mail

Ryan Dawson has compiled a long list of Israel's use of terrorism by letter bombs. My jaw dropped when I saw how long and often it has used this tactic.

http://www.rys2sense.com/anti-neocons/viewtopic.php?f=114&t=... See here for some examples of Israel's use of letter bombs.

Perhaps more salient to the DP audience is Israel's likely role in the anthrax attacks right after 9/11. Ryan Dawson provides an easy to understand timeline around the 1:25:00 mark of the following documentary http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pK6VLFdWJ4I that shows that a person sent a letter to the Justice Department accusing Dr. Assaad, an Arab employee at the lab at Ft. Detrick, of mailing out the anthrax letters.

But here is the really interesting thing: the accuser must have had foreknowledge of the anthrax attacks because he sent out accusations against Assaad BEFORE anyone in the public or government could have possibly known about them!!!!!! Yet this accuser was never investigated!!!! Dr. Assaad insists that the person who sent the letter falsely fingering him, was Lt. Colonel Phillip Zack, a former co-worker of Assaad's. Other sources report that the letter to the Justice Dept. was anonymous.

What makes Zack a suspicious character is the fact that he had a history of anti Arab behavior, directed toward his co-worker Assaad, the man accused in the letter to the DOJ. Furthermore, the info in the letter to the DOJ showed extensive knowledge of Assaad's work at Ft. Detrick, knowledge that only a co-worker could supply to them. Zack also had been caught entering the lab at Ft. Detrick, late at night, AFTER he had stopped working there. Ryan Dawson says that he was also caught stealing anthrax from this lab.

To be clear, neither Ryan Dawson, nor I are claiming that Phillip Zack was the person who sent the anthrax letters. The only claim is that he sent a letter to the Justice Dept. accusing Dr. Assaad, the Arab fellow employee who he had harassed in the past, of the anthrax attacks. And again, the letter was sent well before ANYONE in the media or government could have possibly known about the anthrax attacks.

There is debate about whether Phillip Zack is Jewish or Catholic. It doesn't really matter. If he sent that letter to the Justice Dept., it shows foreknowledge. His history of anti Arab behavior shows motive. His ability to get into the Ft. Detrick lab, even AFTER having been fired is also suspicious. The spores that were sent in the anthrax attacks were not the kind that were in the lab before Zack stopped working at Ft. Detrick. So it is unclear what role he might have played in sending the anthrax letters. Nevertheless, the letter accusing Assaad and its interesting timing should raise eyebrows in anyone with half a brain!

Please look at the timeline at the above link and then look at the additional evidence in the minutes before and after that timeline. You will see much more evidence that points to a highly likely role for Israel and her neo-con apologists in the anthrax drama, including the fact that Hoax anthrax letters (with the same note in them condemning Israel and the US and praising Allah) were sent to pro-war Israel firsters like Judith Miller, from the same states in which the Real Anthrax letters were sent, and BEFORE there were any reports of actual attacks. Whoever sent the anthrax letters and the letter blaming Dr. Assaad were obviously trying to pin the coming anthrax attacks on Arab Muslims!!! It is telling that Israeli spy cells lived adjacent to Al Qaeda cells in both Florida and New Jersey, the states from which both the hoax and real anthrax letters came.

Our FBI is also implicated by their own behavior in the middle of the anthrax investigation. As Ryan points out, the FBI destroyed the Ames strain of anthrax that were in the anthrax letters, during their own investigation! Obstruction of justice. See for yourself and demand a new investigation.

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