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Farmer feeds GMO corn to his pigs: they start giving birth to bags of water!



Jerry Rosman, a pig farmer in Iowa, tells his story about how his swine started have "psuedo-pregnancies" after being fed GM corn. He relates that through his experience he found dozens of other farmer's and even scientific researchers who had discovered the same issue. According to his testimony he ended up going bankrupt losing well over a million dollars worth off livestock as a result of the problem.

Full Hour Long Interview:


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They deserve it

Farmers should know better then to support GMO by now


I lost 300 bee hives to Monsatans poisonous corn

Does this make me a nut case?

Bret Adee of South Dakota, the worlds largest beekeeper, lost 50,000 bee hives during the 2011 pollination in California does that make him a nut case?

David hackenburg the fist beekeeper to sound the alarm on CCD lost 400 bee hives in Florida does that make him a not case?

Farmers raising livestock are really struggling as well the beekeeper. I going out of the bee business I can not survive with all the Monoculture crops in Minnesota.

We are all going to see real soon that Monsatan has been lying just like in the past and they keep stalling and bring up false issues to try and distract from the real problem.

If you want real answers now, watch the documentary "Vanishing of the Bees".

They do talk about more than just bees very informative.

Gold standard: because man can not be trusted to control his greed

think whatever

I was raised on a farm, we raised sows on dirt they ate our feed. Our sows never had deformed pigs ever. 70's-early 80's
After college (animal science)early 90's I went to work in a swine unit 1600 sow unit/crated in building never outside. I was the farrowing manager--it was normal to have water bags with nothing in them except a small embryo --pretty much a still birth. What wasn't normal was the 1 eyed piglet we'd see about 6 times a year, in the middle of the forehead. Or the piglet born with no front legs just small stubs where they should have been. Couple times we encountered 1 body with 2 heads. The water bag was almost a daily occurrence in the unit. Can't say what caused it, I just know we never had it on dirt.
We did save the abnormal ones and took them to the science lab at the local high school.

We haven't ate pork for along time and won't ever eat it again--grass or corn--no we aren't vegetarians

I will be eating grass fed pork

for the REST of my life.

His name is Edward Snowden

What is Capitalism?

This story is absolute nonsense.

There is no credibility whatsoever in the claims this fellow is making about GMO corn.

That being said, I don't like Monsanto either.

But nonsensical claims about GMO corn made my sows abort is erosive to the credibility of those who dislike Monsanto.

"This guy hates Monsanto, but look--- He's a Nutcase."

I posted a response for you

look at the top it did not post under your comment for some reason.

Gold standard: because man can not be trusted to control his greed


Women giving birth to bags of wind, and pigs giving birth to bags of water...the end is surely near.

Hormonal Issues

Well, GMO corn developed to resist pesticides and herbicides probably has more of those used on it... because: "Why not use more if the corn is resistant?" and "Why pay for GMO seed if you don't plan to use that resistance?"

Pesticides and herbicides may have hormone-like substances in them, because: "How else do they work to alter plants and animals?"

Correlation is not causation, but that doesn't mean there isn't a problem, and certainly consumers have a right to decide what they prefer.

We already know that hormone-like substances are a problem re cancer.

Besides, humans have anti-bodies to pork. Pork: not really a good thing to eat. I choose not to eat pork.

I prefer my beef to be free of GMO/pesticide/herbicide/corn-fed diets, without antibiotics. I expect grass-fed beef to continue to be increasingly available from eager suppliers (Trader Joe's, Whole Foods).

What do you think? http://consequeries.com/

How else do they alter plants and animals?

Many ways. Plants, insects, and mammals have certain significant differences in their cell biology. There are chemicals that act on components of plant cells that are basically harmless to insect and animal cells. Same with insects. Glyphospate, Monsanto's main herbicide, does not resemble mammalian hormones.

Neoicotinoid insecticides might be morebtoxic to bees than originally thought, but this is not a chemcial produced by Monsanto! And they are not hormone analogues, either. They have very low mammalian toxicity (which is good). We need the truth, not ideologically centered fear mongering.

I'm shocked and concerned

So I google the problem and find that studies show that Bt corn doesn't cause pseudopregnancy in swine. You can't take advantage of people's credulity too many times before you start to be dismissed.

Take back the GOP and Restore America Now.

It all depends who you listen to and believe.

I choose the farmer who has his own ass at stake and not big bucks like Monsatan and the lap dog Universities.


Gold standard: because man can not be trusted to control his greed

Yeah, because people never

Yeah, because people never lie when their ass is on the line.

ISU researchers say Bt corn not to blame in sow pregnancy proble


(Friday, Nov. 15, 2002 -- CropChoice news) --Iowa State University researchers have addressed concerns about genetically modified corn causing higher-than-normal pseudopregnancy rates in sows. After conducting research they have determined that Bacillus thuringlensis corn is not to blame.

You mean this Iowa State University:

According to the Iowa State U Foundation:

Monsanto is also a longtime partner with Iowa State University in the improvement of agriculture and the preparation of students for successful careers in agriculture. Monsanto has supported Iowa State with grants totaling more than $2 million to support research in all areas of agriculture and economics; with gifts totaling more than $2.4 million to 28 different academic departments, athletics and Extension; and with state-of-the-art equipment, such as three mass spectrometers valued at more than $1 million given to the Plant Sciences Institute. In addition, Monsanto supports graduate fellowships for minority students in genetics, hires many Iowa State graduates and is an active partner in some of the university's most important initiatives, including the Seed Science Center and the Plant Sciences Institute.


How about lounging in the Iowa State U's Monsanto Student Services Wing?

Here's a barrell of laughs, these two have actually turned on each other in the past due to patent infringement:


And it's a very strange world when I link to Mother Jones, but they've got a pretty germaine article here about how big industry has taken over research at our universities. ISU and Monsanto are cited as an example:

lol one of your links shows

lol one of your links shows that they'll not always agree... they sued each other?

Yes, it shows that players will try to play each other.

The fact that they don't always agree is a chink in the armor.
They settled in the end.

The Universities are paid liars

They all keep saying the cause of bee deaths need more research. The beekeepers like me know full well what is killing our bees, I witnessed it first hand several times.

I wouldn't trust any research coming out of any University they are paid for through Monsatan contributions. The scientist that wanted more research before GMO get released on the market have all been fired.

Gold standard: because man can not be trusted to control his greed

It is a conspiracy I tells ya! The scientists are paid shills!

GMO's kill insects and causes infertility in mammals! I think it is true, therfore it is true! No sciebtific evidence is needed to prove my claims! Contradicting evidence must be disgarded because everyone who is not an anti-GM activist is a paid liar!


Paid Troll


It is a conspiracy on Monsatans part

If a scientist opposes them their fired. When they shut up all that oppose how can anyone get an honest answer from Government or Universities.

Here is a Scientist that claim organ damage from GMO's in 1998, sadly he was fired.


Here is Robyn O'Brien at TEDxAustin 2011. Shows charts USA has the highest cancer rate in the world, also say 50% of men and 33% of women will get cancer.


Gold standard: because man can not be trusted to control his greed

Um, I went thought the meta analysis on the bee thing

per your advice:


After I noted that it was a Monsanto study.


One thing I found was that 36% of the reference studies were done by a Victor Maggi, who was employed by California Agricultural Research, Inc. and according to the EPA, those studies were ordered by Monsanto. I also noted that several private companies did research on the subject, and I would not be surprised if they, too were hired guns by Monsanto. I would have to vet the other study authors and see where their funding was coming from to assess the independence of
this study.

Now if Monsanto were not so entrenched in our government's regulatory agencies and didn't have their own personal goon squad, I wouldn't be as concerned. Smaller companies would not have the clout to force the results they need for a profitable venture to be had.

To get to the bottom of scientific issues, one needs to do as with everything else: follow the money.
This is something that science worshipping types don't seem to be able to put togehter: that money, agendas, and technology can go together in ways not beneficial to the public. Like the guy who invented graphene and was told by a multinational he was going to sell his patent to them or be in court the rest of his natural life. Or the guy who was doing his own (gasp) independent bee research, and got his bees killed--The Chicago Way.


Monsanto is not being blamed for the bees

They do not produce neoniconoids. Those are different biotech companies.

The bee guy had bees infected with parasites. It was unrelatd to Monsanto. The alternative took a baseless claim and went nuts with it.

Were you not just complaining on the other thread about Monsanto

being blamed for colony collapse? Thus you linked the meta study above to show there was no evidence that bt corn adversely affected bee colonies. I pointed out that it was a Monsanto published study, and I've further pointed out that a sizeable portion of this meta analysis was bank rolled by Monsanto.

I linked the beekeeper who's bees were confiscated becasue he himself mentioned Monsanto. He says his last case of foulbrood was 30 years ago and that his current hives were 100% clean. His mistake seems to have been mentioning what he was observing to a government official casually. HSomeone here is lying. If you read the article and/or listen to his interview on Peter Schiff, you can see why red flags are going up. His property was confiscated with no due process on a pretext he claims is fraudulent.

Trained as an engineer, I like to see the bottom line on these things. As an awake American, I am not naive enough to believe that powerful interests won't lie to get their way. As a Christian, I know the Bible warns of "oppositions of science so falsely called".

If you have information, evidience, or studies regarding bee colony collapse prior to mass GM food production, I would like to see it. I think Beeman might also want to delve into those studies and give his opinion about their methodology.

I believe that true science can be done, but we have to put aside our prejudices and go where the numbers lead us. That means resisting the urge to delete data points to get that smooth line or curve that would make the most awesome convention poster ever.

And global warming is real?

You sir put a lot of faith in people who have lONNNNGGGG been on the government pay roll.

Do you not understand how and why people get grants to do studies.

Global warming is real but "solutions" are politically motivated

I know scientists who have grants to study it. They aren't shills. They are flaming liberals, but they are not doing phony research. Climate change predictions are based on many assumptions and uncertainties abd computer modeling, and these simulations are being used to fear monger. That does not mean the climate is not changing. I personallly think it will be beneficial for mankind.

Comparing GMOs to climate change is a false equivalency. We knowva hell of a lot more and have a hell of a lot more control over nucleic acids and proteins than we do the climate. You cant just call scientists liars because you dont trust their research. Molecular biology research is far easier to study.

Dude, I met do some dental research and apply for a grant next year. I would have to go through NIH. I am not a shill.

No one believes you

No one believes you scientist!!! Go away with your data and your evidence!!!

LOL the global warming evidence is rediculously flawed and

non existent.

Have you put scientists on such a pedestal that you don't think they can be fallible...or simply corrupt? Have they become akin to gods to you?

You believe because you want to believe. It fits your world point of view and narrative you've bought into.

I'm not against science when it's done with integrity and done with a true scientific method. I'm surrounded by real honest scientists and physicists who are brilliant people who also happen to be friends and family. But they are still people and they are still fallible.

If you don't believe scientist can be manipulated or misled or even corrupt then you don't know history very well. And if you blindly take the word of a University scientist who only gets paid if they get grants from the government for studies approved by the government indoctrinated in our public school system studying only what they are told to study, THEN you have a serious disillusion akin to that of those who blindly believe in our politicians.

Global warming?

I'd like to get back to pigs and GM corn but....

There's lots of evidence for global warming. We just came out of an ice age. The question is, is it anthropological... as in man made. I don't think so.

Anyway, you are against science. When you don't like the truth, you say "the evil elitez must have gotten to them."

It goes to the falibility of scientists

do try to keep up

Why do you give blind faith to scientists and badly preformed studies?

Sounds like you have a devout religion and prey at the alter of science without question?

Isn't science all about questioning? No I guess it's about faith in those with a clear agenda

Dude, seriously. You please

Dude, seriously. You please try to wake up and then do your best to keep up. You accuse me of a religious belief in science? You're whole opinion is based on... your opinion. It has nothing. I have a study behind what I say. You have a paranoid disposition behind yours. Which of us is actually going on faith?