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We need to play thier game and start going directly to the major media centers. City by city keep clogging thier phones and emails. If we can't be on the air then no one can. Make them report the fact we are doing this to force the news to have to report on Ron Paul. Start in Los Angeles with the John and Ken show. They are huge on using these same tactics against politicians. If anyone gets this message can you organize this. Instead of a money bomb we do a week of email and telephone bombs. if they start ignoring us again we sound the whistle and do the same thing over and over again. I'll help anyway I can. I say we go after every show every online poll, every advertiser. We can accomplish this there are so many of us who want to expose these people. Lets organize and beat them at thier own game. Please don't flood me but if you have any ideas or can give advice on how I can put this all together or where I can get my information about who is advertising on thier respective shows please email me on myspace. http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewpro...

Please help me organize this. We have and will continue to accomplish great things.

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Come on guys

Please join me in getting "Project 'AIR' Strike" off the ground.

Off Ait

Transmission lines going up towers are very vulnerable.

Lets not be anarchists just

Lets not be anarchists just smarter than the MSM. Parrot Press


I love the email/phone bomb idea

Let's do it!

Thanks for the reply. I was

Thanks for the reply. I was worried this was going to get burried.