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Powers of Mind by Adam Smith (1975 book)

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or for especially-normal thinking


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Don't get me started on Richard Feynman.


the Mozart of mathematics:


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Chris, have you read it?

Adam Smith?

What's the back story?

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Yes. Different Smith from the 18th century philosopher.

It is an exploration of the question 'where do extra-normal experiences come from?'

Smith tries to answer it and is told by the first psychologist he calls that nobody has done any research on that question, so he sets out to find it himself. He talks to every manner of explorer - shamans, trippers, sensory deprivation, near-death experience, advances in brain science such as in


Don't feed the pandas. Ever.

Whoa - wrong book!

Your comment is way out of place, buddy!

Don't feed the pandas. Ever.

That sounds

really cool.

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