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Is That White Box the 'Missing' Backpack on Dzhokhar in the Original iPhone Photo?

The following is an update to the article at Digital Journal "Key FBI photo of Dzhokhar shows evidence of Photoshop"

FULL ARTICLE: http://digitaljournal.com/article/350932

UPDATE II, 6/1/2013: Thanks to the reader who
pointed this out. Reader said: "It's pretty simple really. Find
the media release of David Green holding his phone with the photo
of the suspect running away on it...

...Crop and enlarge that image on the
actual phone. You will see an object behind him, just below
his elbow and above the girl in the blue top that's running
across the road. The object is light colored and is around the
same size and position of his backpack. The object is NOT in
the media release of David Green's photo. Anyone with photo
shop and basic skills can verify this for themselves."
I tried it and sure enough there is something there, maybe not a
backpack, but where a backpack might be if you were fleeing. The
image of the witness holding his phone is an 180
KB file file
from the Fairfield-Suisun Daily Republic. It
seems too large to be an insignificant reflection or artifact of
some kind. But I could be wrong. But if it's there, it has to be
looked at, for no other reason than the importance of the
backpack, or absence of it, at this point in time.
Fairfield-Suisun Daily Republic Newspaper


Ralph Lopez


Detail from Daily Republic Image


Ralph Lopez


Same Area of Detail from Public Media file


Ralph Lopez


File of iPhone

released to media (posted at LetsRun.com)

Please discuss. Please address the evidence only and refrain
from ad hominem attacks. Calling something a "conspiracy" is
merely intellectual laziness.

Read more: http://www.digitaljournal.com/article/350932#ixzz2V257askl

FULL ARTICLE: http://digitaljournal.com/article/350932

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Si, 'tis


If you look closer....

He's still wearing his backpack!

If you can read this thank a teacher. Because it's in English thank a soldier!

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Probing every avenue having to do with the backpack,

even if just to dispose of it, is important because so much of the story hinges on the brothers leaving their backpacks. What is incredible is that Jahar's is obviously nearly empty, certainly does not contain a 30 lb. pressure cooker bomb, while the "Craft" guy's looks much heavier and then he is photographed running away without it.

No less than Russ Baker has been looking into this. Try hiking with 30 lbs. you don't swing it around on one shoulder!


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or it's a fleck of dust on the iPhone, like the other flecks

because it was a smudgy screen. Which would also explain why the same fleck is not in the same image on his iPad.

Let's again look at a higher resolution version of your photo (last discussed here). Note all the differences, and how similar they look to smudge or dust offscreen.

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That is why the title is posed as a question

Thanks for the high-res from the Herald, great find. Your explanation seems plausible, not conclusive as nothing can be without the original raw data from the phone.

Perhaps more important is that I continue to assert my right to ask questions, even if I am wrong, without the knee-jerk "conspiratard" insults. The back story here is the success of TPTB, even at this website, to associate skepticism with "CT." I'll ask any question I want and expect a civil response, even in disagreement. When people are afraid to ask questions we can stop right there. They have already won.

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have you stopped beating your wife?

Can one use a question mark to say literally anything?

Keep asking question-sah!

I don't get how "nothing can be conclusive", either; your argument won't become logically consistent if you suddenly got the source files. It won't explain why it's not on the iPad but is on the iPhone; dust does.

"You underestimate the character of man." | "So be off now, and set about it." | Up for a game?

What gets annoying is ANY

What gets annoying is the lack of ANY effort on your part to verify your claim. If you would only give the matter a little more thought before you post these threads you would have more credibility.

There we go again: insults

What do you mean verify? There is no "verification" since there is no raw data file, which is the only possible verification. I was asking for opinions on what this could be. Someone supplies a higher-res photo that helps. End of story. Thanks.

I am not searching for "credibility," I am searching for input. If you don't like the question you can ignore it. But something in you needs to attack questions you do not like. It's not my problem. It's yours.

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I don't see that white spot in the iPad shot. I agree, could be a speck of dust on the iPhone

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How dare you post that high-def image,

When S4TBR's other related question was already answered (about FBI non-altering.) It shouldn't concern that she conspira-droid posted another thread about, well, the nonsense she posted. Look at all the fingerprint smudges on that phone. You should be ashamed for pointing out those specks. Sue is entitled to her fallacies!

samplastic canstrabulatory reprastification.


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How did you sneak back in here?

I'm tired of this whole line of discussion.

Of course the CIA set them up. Beyond that, the details aren't really that important. The real question is What do you do about the CIA?

It is a monolith. A dragon. How do you slay that dragon?

You slay the dragon by continuing to assert your right to

ask questions, without the insults, for one thing. The dragon is a state of mind. We have the key to our own chains.

Release the Sandy Hook video.


Thank you Michael...the analogy helped...

Invite the dragon into your cave.

Unfamiliar territory. A challenge. A worthy unforgotten friend-or-foe from days gone by.

Some crazy-ass shit.

Tweeting occasionally as himself @cudnoski on the twitter.