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Ron Paul Tops Republican Field in LOUISIANA Caucus

Unless anybody can show me evidence to the contrary this should be the title on all news articles any of us write.

Yes maybe a slate got first place but not another candidate. And that slate was for Ron Paul too as he is Pro Life and Pro Family.

We have been sending out letters to neighbors here in Florida in our Canvasing effort. 250 to be exact.

Today we added a sticker to the letters as we send them that says

In bold Red
followed by
"We have just heard that Ron Paul won the Lousiana Caucus Tuesday night."

If anyone even bothers to confirm (most wont) they will only find stories about Ron Paul and some Pro Life Pro Family slate and no mention of other candidates. Therefore it will confirm to them that it is the truth.

Please everyone start just stating Ron Paul won! Let the media try and prove otherwise.

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why is everything ive read

why is everything ive read saying he came in second just barely behind mclame?

Why doesn't?

The campaign clarify what went on? I think they should send out a letter stating what happened. If Ron Paul won? The uncommitted was higher? What was the totals? Why do we have to second guess?


There is life at the end of the tunnel my friends!

It's time! Rand Paul 2016!

"Truth, Justice, and the American Way!"

I think there is a reason LA Caucuses get ignored

can't really describe the thing in a headline

If the campaign website doesn't say anything about it (in this case) then we should probably let it die too, just like the NH recounts

Break the Silence

Here in Illinois!

Please go to our youtube video.



Also see this Ron Paul painting being auctioned on ebay!

He won the damn caucus and every GOP in LA knows it

Read at the RPforums...just a hose job. Ron Paul outnumbered the other folks by significant numbers.

Correct, Ron Paul's candidacy in the Louisiana Republican caucus got the most votes. That is the truth.


I agree

the nonono bit i posted below was a response to the main post, although it looks like it refers to tstorey's comment


Just say this:

Ron Paul got more votes than any other candidate in La.

MORE than Mitt Romney
MOREw than Mike Huckabee


It's absolutely true.

"uncommitted" was not a candidate.

Please clarify

I'm not sure what you're saying---We won but we didn't. What do you mean? Maybe I'm dense, but please explain about this slate business. Did Ron Paul garner the LA delegates or did he not?


I can't tell you the whole state, but...

in District 7, the "fusion slate" completely shut us out. Not one Ron Paul delegate won in District 7. Here is a copy of the email that we received from the La GOP:

On Tuesday night, approximately ten thousand Louisiana Republicans caucused in 11 different cities across the state. Those attending the caucuses cast their vote for 15 delegates and 15 alternates to represent their congressional district at the 2008 Louisiana Republican Convention. Results were tallied on site late into the night and then reported to Republican Party Headquarters in Baton Rouge. Of the thousands of ballots cast, approximately 650 were cast provisionally.

Before these provisional ballots are counted, LAGOP staff must verify that the voter was a registered Republican voter in his or her congressional district as of November 30, 2007. The counting of provisional ballots in the 3rd and 7th Congressional districts is not needed to verify the results as the margin of victory for all winning candidates is larger than the number of provisional ballots casts. For the other five Congressional districts, Republican Party staff members will begin the process of verifying the results through each parish's registrar of voter's office. Once that process is complete, the Secretary of the Republican of Louisiana will certify the official results.

Prior to the tabulation of the provisional ballots, the uncommitted "Pro-Life/Pro-Family" slate appears to have won a majority of delegates in all seven congressional districts.

All candidates who ran for alternate delegate in the the 2nd, 3rd and 4th congressional districts won after qualifying as there were 15 or fewer candidates for those positions. The attached files contain the unofficial results broken down by district and position. The P column shows the number of provisional ballots cast.

They are still counting in 5 of the districts, so there is still a good chance that we may have beat them in the other districts. The provisional ballots (650 of them) still have to be counted and verified.
I'm just saying that we shouldn't spin something in such a way, that it comes back and bites us in the ass. We don't need to resort to other candidates methods of lies to wins this.

So now they can call us liars too?

If you spin something and say something that isn't true, you are lying. Do you want to give msm a chance to call Ron Paul supporters liars? I'm telling you that I am from District 7, I was actively involved in the caucus, and had 2 family members running as Ron Paul delegates. NOT ONE of our guys one. Not one single one. I'm all for being optimistic, and continuing the fight no matter what happens; I say fight until the very end, but don't get caught lying. It won't help the campaign. Period.

No it is true.

Ron Paul gathered more votes for his slate of candidates than the others "candidates". The other slate was not for a candidate but a platform the RP agrees with.

See here.



Was Ron Paul not the candidate with the most delegate votes?

The "Pro-Life, Pro-Family" is not a candidate, and Ron Paul is pro-life/family anyways.






works for me.

"Let me see if I can get this right:
We need to borrow 10 billion dollars from China.
And then we give it to Musharraf,
who's a military dictator
who overthrew an elected government.
Then we go to war,
we lose all these lives,
promoting democracy

"Let me see if I can get this right:
We need to borrow 10 billion dollars from China.
And then we give it to Musharraf,
who's a military dictator
who overthrew an elected government.
Then we go to war,
we lose all these lives,
promoting democracy

A good idea

If the media refuse to cover LA, it won't hurt to have a bit of controversy to bring LA to their attention.

Maybe it's also a good spin on things to say that Ron Paul's opponents had to gang up on him to stop him, or maybe not, I'm not sure.

If the media feels they need to put down the Paul win story

it will come out about the gang up and that can only help paul.

If the top two winners are Ron Paul and Pro Family and Pro Life that helps us as we fit in both categories.

Ron Paul wins first place in Loisiana

Great point from waltaugust, spread the word, Ron got the gold!