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Top story on glennbeck.com

Ron Paul's interview w/ Glenn Beck is front page
"Top Story" at www.glennbeck.com. The transcript is there, as is the audio.

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That was great!

Beck even mentioned he was amazed at the fact that without the income tax we would still have the same gov. as in 2000! A man who spends all his time educating himself didn't even know this! Ron is right that 80-90% of the public don't know what is going on!
Lets get this out to people! Send it to any of your friends and family who don't support Ron but like Glenn Beck.

For Liberty... Ron Paul.

For Liberty... Ron Paul.

Good job Glenn!

Glenn is not perfect, but he is highlighting the good stuff!

I remember Glenn having problems with Ron wanting to get rid of the FBI; does anyone know if Ron has a position paper on this anywhere? A Duncan Hunter supporter asked me about this the other day, and I didn't have an answer for him.

Let's Reign! (Rev. 5:10)

Let's Reign! (Rev. 5:10)
Valrico (Hillsborough County), Florida

Anyone have a link to the audio?

much appreciated


Was this on the radio program today? If so, what time was it on the air?


it brought tears of joy to my eyes reading the part about Ron being compared to a founding father ... that is SO appropriate.


I guess some Thank You

e-mails are in order.

glenn beck...

is pimpin' off Paul.

Awesome interview

Fair and balanced - unlike the other MSM

That was great!

Good job Ron Paul!!!

I loved the way Glenn said he'd have Ron Paul on his show if he ran third party!