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RP Wins Louisiana? Where are results?

anything official?




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The preliminary names of the delegates


In each of the pdf.s you can find the names of the delegates - but without affiliation. I guess someone needs to send them all an email and ask who they will support in the Louisiana State Convention.

Very confusing process overall...

Let's spread this "democratic way" to Iran and Pakistan... ;-)

Looks like it's open to interpretation

I'd still send lawyers.

No, "technically" we lost

Ron Paul had more supporters show up than any other candidate, but we lost. I'm from District 7, and at our caucus site, the Ron Paul support was overwhelming. There were Ron Paul people everywhere. It was an awesome site to see. BUT, there was a pro-life/pro-family slate that is **ahem** "uncommitted". The fusion slate was actually a combination of supporters for anyone who didn't support Ron Paul. It was the only way they could shut us out. And in District 7, they definitely shut us out. Not one Ron Paul delegate won in our district. There is still counting going on in some of the other districts....

No "technically" we won.

No other candidate beat us... It is that simple.

The media would love you to accept second. I WILL NOT accept 2nd.

No other candidate beat us and that is my story and I am sticking to it.

Since the media is not covering this we can blanket the web and anybody looking will see a Ron Paul WIN!.

Ok, "technically" we won, but we have no delegates

Yes, Ron Paul had more supporters than anyone else. So yes, we won on that point. But, unless we convert those delegates to Ron Paul supporters (hey! There's an idea!), it doesn't matter. The way LA works, to my understanding, is that unless Ron Paul wins 50% in the primary, those delegates can vote however they want at the national level. They do not have to vote according to how the primary goes without that 50%. So having more supporters means nothing without delegates. Obviously, these people have no morals and would have no problem shoving their will on the rest of LA.
If I'm wrong in my understanding, please correct me. I HOPE I'm wrong.

That is what I would like to know

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