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Citizen journalism 4D camera

With advancing technology comes advancing capabilities. One neat capability is the ability to build something permanent out of temporary pieces. The RAID (Redundant Array of Independent/Inexpensive Disks) array is one such, where any drive failing doesn't mean loss of any data, as long as it is replaced in time -- i.e., before another drive fails; and there are ways to arrange it so an array can survive two, or more failures depending on how much redundancy is build into the system.

Which segues into this idea: with enough cameras, we can completely recreate the crime scene and identify all actors.

I'm thinking about a Kickstarter for an open source video integration project, where it is fed numerous sources of video, still frames, and audio, and it recreates a 4D representation of the event.

It would incorporate virtual reality techniques, so one could move the viewpoint around and get a better view of what really happened -- depending on the coverage, there would be areas of higher and lower resolution, and perhaps some places would have gaps in coverage.

An enhancement there would be when it detects gaps in coverage, it could use Facebook's matching to identify other pictures posted that were from a similar date/time, with similar people, so it could build a coverage map larger than the data set available that it was seeded with.

It would be an open source project, because it aligns with Linus' Law: "given enough eyeballs, all bugs are shallow". Actors who carry out violence need to be identified so we can stop these bugs on society.

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