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Ron Paul's Texas Straight Talk 6/3/13: Iraq Collapse Shows Bankruptcy of Interventionism

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Totally embarrassed

that the freaking 'dailypaul' has not picked up on the news when Ron Paul himself mentions it.

I couldn't believe this was the story that's been buried in the press for two months!! April and May were both the biggest months in five years for killings in Iraq. I was ashamed I didn't know in a way, but now I understand the static on the airwaves.

This is the news that they've been trying to keep out.

-quiet engineer

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Is anybody out there?

I mean porn queens, sex-trafficking, oral sex, and mutual masturbation are are all fine to discuss, but we need to get back to reality. We have gotten out on a limb lately. Just saying.

Posted Sunday Afternoon - June 02, 2013

Posted Sunday Afternoon - June 02, 2013

Submitted by emalvini on Sun, 06/02/2013 - 14:30

Ron Paul's Texas Straight Talk 6-3-2013: Iraq Collapse Shows Bankruptcy Of Interventionism



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And it's gone off of the front page in just one day?

I'm getting old I guess. Things are moving too fast for me. Thanks for the update. Sorry about this post. We're discussing a lot of trash lately, but not the things that matters, IMO.


It's one hell of a good game by the other team(s) right?

-quiet engineer