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Emissions equipment causes DC ambulance to shut down, patient dies

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Not the fault of the EPA

Sorry to rain on the EPA bashing parade (which I frequently join) but this was either

a) one wire badly damaged
b) repeated progressive warning lights ignored about operating after the fluid level became low, ran out, detuned the engine for 30 minutes and finally limited it to just idle.

Odds are easily for the latter because few people weigh "exhaust fluid" as anything more than an old mechanic's joke.

And? He and the car were

And? He and the car were doing their part to save the earth. A vehicle shutting down is a small price to pay for preventing global warming. The guy dying reduced the number of carbon emitters too...


Southern Agrarian

it's a sad commentary on modern society...

... when wits have sunk so low that you have to label something as sarcasm. Shaw, Kipling and Twain would not have been able to make a living even today.

But I've seen comments in this vein labelled "heartless" in other places on the net :P