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The Solid Gold 'Chocolate Bar'. Peter Schiff demonstrates a remarkable new product

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WOW! That's fucking awesome!

WOW! That's fucking awesome!

What A Novel Idea

I'll let the market judge its utility, but I love seeing stuff like this. It gives new meaning to the term "bits" (the centuries old practice of clipping coins (like the Spanish 8 Real silver coins) in order to make market exchanges more convenient.

What an amazingly simple innovation

Just like life "The free market will find a way,"

Uh, who's going to carry

Uh, who's going to carry $2500 worth of gold around in their pocket? How about a version with 5% or 10% gold instead of 99.9999%?

Make a silver bar.

Make a silver bar.

Look up silver combi bars

They already have them.

never touch gold that is not 999 fine gold

just my opinion.

That too

They could sell a lot of those.

Not that I fetish over these kinds of things

I WANT!!!!
I WANT!!!!
I WANT!!!!
I WANT!!!!

If they had these here two years ago I would have bought...

a whole lot more physical gold.