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Here is What Ron Paul Taught Me - The System Does Work

I just wanted to share with the DP community a little bit about some Ron Paul-inspired actions. If it was not for Ron Paul and his ringing the bell of liberty, my little village would just take the decree's of our Village council. Hope you enjoy -

"A group in Perry Village is aiming to place a referendum on the November ballot to restore an income tax exemption for residents already paying 1 percent or more elsewhere in the municipality they work.

In November 2009, Village Council voted unanimously to eliminate the village’s tax credit that exempted residents who could prove they already pay income tax of 1 percent or more somewhere else.

Tim Gandee, leader of the petition drive, said it was unfair that residents had no direct say in the matter. He and a small group of residents are trying to challenge that council decision at the polls.

“And I’ll keep doing this year after year until they put this on the ballot,” said the 35-year-old village resident, who works in Mentor. “At least let us vote on it.”"

continued - http://www.news-herald.com/articles/2013/06/04/news/doc51ae0...

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Nice job. I think we've seen

Nice job. I think we've seen it work both ways, the system that is, but if you stand by doing nothing the gov't has shown it will continue to grow at the expense of the people's money and freedom.

I Love the Comments On The Newsite For This Story

This is from someone who read the article. I love it.

"God Bless them! Please everyone look at what they are doing! It is time we all stand up for what is right! Let us take back the power and give it back to the people at the local level and work our way up...."