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Bush outlines the Enemy 12 years ago, puts pressure on Oathkeepers and Patriots today

During his decisive propaganda speech in front of Congress following 911, Bush makes a relevant statement to our situation today with our own government and its involvement in Egypt, Libya, and now most prominently Syria.

What are we to do with the people ruling over us and destroying our beacon of liberty in the World by turning it to a tyrannical mockery of its founding. Oathkeepers and Patriots should hear and listen carefully to this clip and share it with as many citizens as possible while explaining what it means today to them.

Watch it again here http://www.tubechop.com/watch/1235111 and let the applause sink in while listening to his closing statement...

"...it will not end until every terrorist group of global reach has been found, stopped, and defeated."

Clip taken from Bush speech to Congress following 911
(http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fcy6YWaH8yE)@ 7:01

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