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War in Chicago: The story "48 Hours" won't tell you

I recently watched an episode of "48 Hours" called "The War in Chicago". The entire episode can be viewed here:


The episode focuses on gang violence surrounding the heroin trade as the biggest problem in the city of Chicago. There are a fews aspects of the story that CBS doesn't cover. If you dig a little deeper into the story, you cannot help but become cynical and distressed at all the lies we are told, and all the corruption going on.

As noted by CBS in the episode, the heroin trade in Chicago is dominated by the Sinaloa cartel. Readers of the Dailypaul are aware that our government works with the Sinaloa cartel to import drugs into the U.S.:


and that the Obama administration has helped to provide assault weapons to the Sinaloa cartel to aid them in fighting rival gangs:


Since the U.S. and NATO have taken over Afghanistan, poppy production has increased significantly compared to the production levels under Taliban rule, and 2013 production is set to rise:


Of course, the Mexican cartels buy heroin from Afghanistan:


so there you have it. Our government is literally supplying the guns and drugs to the cartel featured in this story.

Then there is the issue of gun violence surrounding the drug trade in Chicago. Not only is gun control not working, the local government is actively attacking law abiding citizens who want to defend themselves:



at the same time, the local police are failing to respond to calls for help:


The 48 Hours episode highlights the shooting death of one particular 15 year old girl, Hadiya Pendleton. It is a tragic story, but it was picked up because the Obama administration wanted to make it a big story. Michelle Obama, Rahm Emanuel, and Valerie Jarrett were all in attendance at the girl's funeral, and the poor misled parents were trotted around the media to hype the story. If, god forbid, my daughter is ever killed, any politician that shows up to the funeral will be sent packing immediately. Anyhow, the parents of Hadiya Pendleton testified before congress to lobby for Obama's gun control agenda:


I guess they can't see or don't care that they are being used. Most viewers of 48 Hours don't realize that they are being used either.

The one good thing that 48 Hours did, was to show the inequity in the Hadiya Pendleton case. The murderers of Hadiya Pendleton were arrested, as the case was given top priority. Meanwhile, another 15 year old girl was killed, and no progress has been made on the case. It isn't surprising when you consider that the police in Chicago do not solve 74% of the murders:


Rahm Emanuel refused to answer questions about the other case from the 48 Hours reporter, while he earlier stated he called Hadiya Pendleton's parents daily. The whole thing is a twisted propaganda message about promoting gun control as a way to keep you safe. The politicians and media don't care about you, unless it is for a vote or to sell you something. The government can not and will not keep you safe. It sickens me that so many people don't look beyond what is placed in front of them on a TV screen.

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Bump, for putting the puzzle

Bump, for putting the puzzle together.

Eye opener!


What would the Founders do?

ALL people are

ALL people are self-interested and when individuals allow others to represent their political interests they need to keep that universal truth in mind.

The mistake is allowing other self-interested individuals (elected representatives) to become insulated from the cleansing effects of competition and the assurance that they will not be allowed to represent their constituents forever.


Thanks nice post good read.

Excellent Compilation

Revealing the big picture.



Ron brought the Liberty movement together, Rand is expanding the crap out of it! :)

Good post

Good post Matt. I watched this episode because I live on the southside of Chicago. Refreshing to see this story in a larger context.


We need more people in Chicago who understand liberty and the root cause of the problem.