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3D Printer Move Over... Meet OtherMill (Desktop CNC)

3D printer makes plastic parts.
OtherMill makes metal parts.
Class over. :)


The CNC (Computer Numerical Control) milling process is responsible for chiseling out most gun parts for most guns—frame, barrel, firing pin, internal components, all cut down from a hunk of metal by the spinning bit of a CNC machine.

Now what if that was something you could set up next to your home computer? Well, a San Francisco based R&D firm may have just answered your prayers and not even really know it.
It's not 'quite' there... yet.
But the 'demand' is.
and yes... you can buy/build REAL CNC's that will fabricate.
a 'mass produced desktop' CNC is what we're talking about.
It may be around the corner yet.

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I'll finally be able to get

I'll finally be able to get my hands on a P90 without having to pay out the ass.

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Just read on the Wall Street

Just read on the Wall Street Journal that MakerBot is considering selling their company. The market for low and moderately priced 3D printer companies is really getting interesting and growing fast. The next generation of on-demand manufacturing is just beginning to take off.

3D printers do print in

3D printers do print in metal!

not any '3d printer' that i

not any '3d printer' that i can afford


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Possibly at some point

Possibly at some point someone will combine CNC, 3-D printing and robotic assembly/cleanup for the ultimate home (or small business) manufacturing system. The robotic assembly part would improve the process of creating products and components with integrated circuits, wiring and other internal components that are difficult (or impossible) to replicate, for example if there are food, biological or liquid components that are involved.

You or I could do it right

You or I could do it right now. You're just asking how long we should wait for the convenience of buying one at home depot. The real challenge which is out of our reach now is the likes of nanotech and mini machines...like making a 'drone' the size of a quarter, but it looks just like a fly from far enough away...that sort of thing.


If you're capable of such a

If you're capable of such a feat, I'd Kickstarter your project. It's no small feat to create such a complex bit of engineering.

It'd still be about the money

It'd still be about the money too I suppose. The trick is making it economical. I'd have a big learning curve, but that's my point. Anyone handy motivated person can do this, but it may not be worth it as a profitable endeavor. If you wanna make something neat like this, it has to be something you like doing because you like doing it.


That's not a mill, it's a

That's not a mill, it's a router. They're only good for plastic stuff that doesn't need to be that accurate...trinkets. You're better off making it out of something soft that can be shaped by hand and then hardened. For fabricating actual mechanical things out of metal you want a slow rotation, proper bits, slow table speed, and cooling/lubrication.

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or an awesome highpower

or an awesome highpower diamond nozzle water jet with autocad plugged in


Water jets are nice.

Water jets are nice.

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