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Government is Destroying Education

From The Logical Perspective:

As a person that has spent his entire life in the education system (through graduate school), I have seen first hand the effects of government involvement. Like in many other situations, good intentions on the part of government haven't resulted in favorable consequences. Increased governmental interference is destroying education in America.

To illustrate, I will focus on higher education. The first step of the destructive process is the ever increasing levels of public money used in "making education more available to the masses" - the original good intention. Accordingly, the result has been for the populations of colleges and universities to explode. At first sight, this seems good. After all, the purpose of the bloated expenditures was to increase the number of people holding degrees.

As school populations burgeon, there is a direct effect on the quality of the education. Professors find themselves attempting to teach very large and ever growing classes. Beyond a certain point, the assignment of homework (for those who would like to do so) becomes meaningless due to the fact that it becomes impractical to grade, and without grading, students don't take it seriously. In addition, tests move increasingly towards a pure multiple choice format which is exceedingly difficult to design in such a way to provoke critical thinking; students begin relying on rote memorization to pass them. Naturally, the entire curriculum is quickly memory dumped. As classes grow, students learn less. To correct this element of the problem, institutions must hire more professors to decrease the student to teacher ratio, but this inevitably strains budgets and leads to increased tuition costs.

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As an EDU major... its

As an EDU major... its embarassing... its a 5 year degree... 5 years what a joke. They have programs where people with BAs in Science, Math etc can teacher after a few classes. With unionization wages are around 20% higher than they should be... with the salary being low... this means we have an abundance of teachers. Unfortunately they are not teaching anything in this current education system. My professor and I spoke after class the other night and we boiled down the argument. Is education meant too educate people or too socialize people. (as in throw them together so they know how to function)... sadly it feels like I am the only one pushing for education. Now, the western world has lost 15 IQ points... all because of Horace Mann and the Prussian school system.

I watched the gen chem course where I was attending grad

school increase from ~900 to ~1200 over the course of 3 years. It's ridiculous. Trying to deal with that many students with only 2-3 professors involved in the gen classes is silly.

In my opinion bachelor's degrees have become a waste of time for the most part. They are like fiat money; there's no intrinsic value but businessmen (of the older generation) still accept them. One day people will catch on.

The world needs more problem solvers - not rote memorizers that have pieces of paper with no retained knowledge.

Uh, no, the government is not destroying education.

It is alive and well. You simply have to obtain it on your own. The government does not educate, they enstupidate and indoctrinate. The masters do not want literate logical, thinking slaves.Anyone who puts their kids in the indoctrination gulag is an idiot or completely asleep.

Education in its most common form is being destroyed

at least its quality.

Why must you be so condescending? Why the duh?


anyone who puts their kids in the indoctrination gulag is either an idiot or asleep!
The govschools were never intended to educate. That is documented FACT. Read Charlotte Iserbyt who actually worked in the Dept of Education, read Samuel Blumenfeld's "NEA:Trojan Horse in American Education", read John Taylor Gattos "Underground History of American Education". The gulag is based on the old Prussian system, designed to create obedient cannon fodder by animal trainers. It is brainwashing and turning of human beings into illiterate, illogical, emotional cattle that are easily led and duped.
Now, why must you be so sensitive?

Interesting points. I agree completely. Government destroys

nearly ALL things / concepts / institutions of value these days....

Yeah, the sheer amount of people with college degrees who cannot perform in the real world is staggering. College degrees have thus been cheapened significantly. They are not a "special" commodity anymore, versus earlier times when fewer people had them.

Sadly, American education has been under strain from deliberate sabotage for decades, since the inception of "public" / government-dictated education. At the elementary level on up this has been the case. And at the college level does socialist federal aid present an opportunity to over-populate schools, teasing apart the focus on scholastic performance, etc.? Who knows... (Colleges, researching professors, etc. are funded by the same elites who are sabotaging this country--no surprise there!). Plus, all of those LOVELY student loans are BIGGGG BIZZZZ, as we know.

One must wonder about that Austro-Hungarian education model stuff, where things are set up to keep people in their social classes and all... with a dash of obnoxious Wundtian psychology and Rockefeller $$$, which combine to make a rather interesting--if not pungent--historical educational stew!

I once read "The Leipzig Connection" which explains the deliberate introduction of psychology into our educational system (since the turn of the last century) which has been manipulated to dumb down students. Pardon my laziness, but I will quote someone else's review:

By Bruce Deitrick Price:

The thesis is that all our early educators got their start in Germany, at a famous university there, and acquired a lot of unfortunate tendencies. The book contains many quotations by all the heavy hitters (from Wilhelm Wundt to Rockefeller), with a footnote on almost every page, plus a dozen photographs and a long bibliography. The book definitely has a case to make, but does so in a scholarly way.

Here's one of John Dewey's quotations: "The ultimate problem of all education is to coordinate the psychological and social factors." From there it's all downhill. Note that there's no mention of anything academic or scholarly. Note that Dewey could solve this problem to his immense satisfaction and students could still end up ignorant. Which is pretty much what he achieved for us.

Don't suppose that these long ago manias have somehow moved on. They have not. In one of the weirdest pairings in history, far-left academics used Rockefeller's guilty millions to fund and shape Teachers College (and many others) with the express purpose of churning out indoctrinated teachers who would then be sent out into the countryside to indoctrinate the young. The beat goes on.

What would the Founders do?

Any thoughts?