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FBI knew Boston suspects despite pleading ignorance, Collier pays.


The Boston FBI office had extensive interactions with bombing suspect Tamerlan Tsarnaev and strong indicators of Chechen involvement, but failed to identify him from photographs taken from surveillance videos. The decision to publicize the surveillance photos possibly cost law enforcement the opportunity for a surprise raid on Tamerlan's home in Cambridge, and sparked a chain of events which resulted in the alleged killing, by the suspects, of MIT police officer Sean Collier.

The FBI interviewed Tamerlan face-to-face in April 2011, and says that it investigated him and his family as a result of numerous warnings from the Russian FSB intelligence service. In addition, the weapons and method used in the bombing, pressure cooker bombs spaced seconds apart, is a signature of Chechen rebels from the North Caucasus region.


President Obama has defended the FBI, saying on April 30th: "Based on what I can see so far, the FBI performed its duties. The Department of Homeland Security did what it was supposed to be doing. But this is hard stuff."... Read more: http://digitaljournal.com/article/351573

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Lou Dobbs: Boston Bombing Intel Rep. Knew 5 Days Prior Finish

Line Was a Target. Boston Bombing Inteligence Report Warned Boston Marathon Finish Line Was Targeted 5 Days Prior to Event


So here is what we know: the fBI knew the suspects

the minute the surveillance photos came out but pretended they didn't, possibly costing Collier his life

- They knew there was an attack coming, but others tried to stop it (explains the last-minute dogs at the finish line described by the UM coach)

- the FBI has a history of entrapment-style false flags, set up patsies then go live

Unless one can accept that the FBI really did not know who the suspects were when the photos came out, and that is impossible, the only conclusion is that it was another entrapment-style false flag. The Zionist-HW Bush treason cabal of the FBI and CIA is still running the country. They need to be flushed out. They can start by arresting Dick Cheney for high treason in not shooting down flt 77 on 9/11, when he could have (regardless of whether or not that is what actually hit the Pentagon, which is really irrelevant. Make the charges that will stick according to their own story line.)

FBI agents are falling out of helicopters. It may be low grade civil war. Someone needs to go for the head.

Release the Sandy Hook video.

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I have to agree with Obama

it is "Hard Stuff" staging false flags, framing innocent people, push-button killing, locking up whistleblowers, targeting political opponents, spying on unsuspecting americans, intimidating the press, shredding the Constitution, and on top of all that hard stuff: keeping all those plates of lies spinning.
Whew, that was Hard Stuff to write...

"Government is the entertainment division of the military-industrial complex". - Frank Zappa

Status Quo Bama is a real character, isn't he?

Just like Dubya, who always used to say, "It's hard work!"

(Where do they get these losers?!)

What would the Founders do?

Yea, the hardest work in the world would have been

...to put 2 and 2 together and geared up for Tamerlan's house. Collier might still be alive (even if the allegations are true that it was the brothers, which there is zero evidence of). The only way to hoist the FBI is by its own petard.

Release the Sandy Hook video.