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Jack booted thugs vs. a man at rock bottom

Today I saw what our "peace officers" have become firsthand. A close friend of mine has had a rough few months. He is an admitted alcoholic and is very recently divorced. His life is in shambles. For the last month we have tried to find an inpatient rehab program that takes his insurance. He is low level management for the biggest company in the country. Over and over we have been told "we don't take that insurance." As well as "If you had medicaid or medicare we could help." It has been extremely frustrating and disheartening.

So he tried (against my advice) to get dried out on his own. Which lead to a pretty bad episode of binge drinking. Which lead to a suicide attempt. Somehow our over eager "peace officers" managed to turn this poor guys rock bottom into a fucking nightmare of epic proportions.

They turned what should have been an ambulance transport to the ER for evaluation into a 2 hour long HOSTAGE STANDOFF! THERE WERE NO FREAKING HOSTAGES! We tried to tell them this but they proceeded to call in SWAT. At that point we were not even sure he was alive or able to get to the door. All the while precious minutes are ticking away and lessening the chances for the hospital to be able to do anything like pump his stomach or give activated charcoal. We tried to tell them he is not armed and explain the situation but they were so hyped they weren't hearing any of it.

Now not only is he dealing with the worst period in his life but he is also being charged with I think inducing panic. He has NO CRIMINAL RECORD! He is a good hard working man and father. Now he can add criminal to that list.... all because of some overzealous cops. Should he have come out...absolutely but he was barely able to move and he was most certainly cognitively seriously impaired. And was certainly no threat to anyone.

He is in serious condition now and hopefully he will be able to get the help he wants and needs now.

I have been disgusted at the police state we live in and how everyone is being turned into criminals if they step one foot out of line. Now it's personal and I am outraged. He could lose his job over this....the bottom just got jerked out from under his rock bottom. And the really sick part is that he was ready and willing for help but none could be found.

Please keep him and all like him in your thoughts and prayers.

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Sounds like severe depression

Sounds like severe depression to me. I went through it many years ago and beat it. I was heavily self medicating with alcohol but nothing would help. The depression was physically crippling. I dried out for about a year after rehab, was taking a generic anti-depressant but weened myself off of the drug in about 18 months. The brain gets depleted of seratonin for various reasons and you just feel like dying.


Running, or biking, use to help me clear my head of everything. That or a place to get away with nothing around. I grew up on a lake in the swamps. Sometimes I would run along the bank of the lake through the swamps to a place I could look out over the lake in complete isolation. Hard to let your troubles get to you when your out there.

the best thing for depression is running

Just run and run and run until you puke. When you start feeling down, do it again. Over and over, until the depression slinks away.

“With laws shall our land be built up, but with lawlessness laid waste.”
-Njal Thorgeirsson

On grass barefoot if

On grass barefoot if possible. Don't know why it works, but it does. Maybe something to do with some hippy-dippy electro-magnetic fields of the earth.


Agreed. I have dealt with lifelong depression and have taken antidepressants a few times.

He is in therapy and has been taking an antidepressant. Which helped to some extent. But the drinking is so out of control that he has to get that taken care of to be able to deal with the depression.

I would hope that the charges

I would hope that the charges are dropped, and I wish him the best. Alcohol is a terrible thing for some of us. The only thing I didnt catch in the post is why did they think this was a hostage situation in the first place?

Im in my early 30s, I have found myself waking up in detox twice within one year, 5 years ago; with no idea how I got there- always to find out a police officer decided it was best to drop me off there and get my problems dealt with rather than charging me with public intoxication. It's been battles and treatment and dealing with crap since then, but things get better.

But I never faced what your friend did with my drinking. a few pointers..

AA is better than treatment, unless money is no issue... which it is in this case. The majority of the crowd is energetic about their sobriety.

Be there for him.. and be an annoying friend. you need to push and push and talk and talk.

A healthy diet needs to be established. tho, high intake of sugars and fat when big cravings hit are a good fix.

Bill W., the founder of AA thought tolerable levels of Niacin and Vitamin C cured him. This is skipped in AA nowadays, but its part of what I used.

Lastly... if he can find affordable treatment, make sure its not a center reliant on pharmas. I ended up on a massive dose of straterra 4 years ago and it was terrible.

hope the legal stuff goes ok.. keep us posted!

Nutrition a help for depression and addiction

After much reading I've come upon quite a bit and it makes perfect sense that our nutrition or lack thereof is deeply tied into our intake.

Both our intake of foods/drink as well as the toxins inherent in our environments. Both Fluoride/Bromide our found in foods from the use of pesticides etc.. Bromide in flour as a dough conditioner and flame retardant in household items. Fluoride is in the water and also of course in the fruits, vegetables, meat, and grains raised or grown on the land using Fluoridated water.

Fluoride and Bromide compete for receptors that Iodine uses and Iodine is very important for the whole body not just the thyroid. Mercury and other heavy metals are also found throughout our lives and block Selenium from working because Selenium has to deal with these.

If there isn't enough Selenium to both deal with the threat and do its other bodily functions it causes problems. Selenium is very important in the use of Iodine.



Vitamin C and Niacin just happen to be part of a good Iodine supplementation program.


These and the books The Iodine Crisis by Lynn Farrow, Iodine by David Brownstein, and Stop the Thyroid Madness are all great resources for health.


I also like this Epi-Paleo food pyramid. Whole foods centered food pyramid that is much better than the government one. It details all the best foods and ones you want to avoid.

I hope everything goes alright for this guy....so tired of hearing about bad cops...its pathetic how they are these days.

Hostage situation

I have no earthly idea where they got the hostage idea from. The whole thing was bizzare. Only thing I can even come up with is that dispatch may have gotten confused because two different calls reported it that I am aware of. Maybe they somehow thought one of the women were at the house. Either way.... they took it waaaay to far considering family and friends on the scene were telling them what the deal was.

Overreach and overreact.... sounds about par.

Low Dose Naltrexone

I've heard low dose naltrexone can be good for addiction in addition to the nutrition and Iodine supplementation aspects I linked to in my other post.

What's his name?

So I can pray, and add him to our prayer teams list.

It's a very sad situation, I've been clean and sober for nearly 20 years ( in August this year it will be 20 ) and I know what a fright it is to get into a rehab, and a nightmare to get I to a good one. But frankly all rehabs are is a $10,000 BIG BOOK and go to meetings directions. SKIP the Rehab and GO DIRECTLY TO AN AA MEETING, get him a sponsor, call your local AA hotline ask them to send a 12 step call ( MEN ONLY for men ) over to him at the hospital or his home. If he really wants to quit this is how to do it.

If you they'd everything and your local AA won't help ( it has never happened BTW ) then contact me here ( steadfast_art @ hotmail.com ) and I'll find someone where you are myself through my contacts in AA to help.

As for the police state issues, yea, no shit they are way out of line .

God Bless

Drew, by the very grace of GOD through the blood of Christ Jesus.
"there shall come after us men whom shall garner great wealth using our system, and having done so shall seek to slam the door of prosperity behind them." George Washington


I really would rather not name him on here. Hope you understand. :) I am concerned about the actual physical withdrawls. They can be deadly. How would you suggest we deal with that part?

I will definitely contact AA tomorrow. Thanks for the advice and help.

Caro syrup or Orange Juice....

Sometimes some strictly monitored " hair of the dog that bit him ", but try sugars to replace the " high" that is the endorphins " needs " that is what is causing withdrawal. Their is a 30 day period of time that PAWS or post acute withdrawal syndrome occurs, after that he's in the clear as long as he stays sober.

Preferably, you will get real time help from your local AA, have you called them YET ?

God Bless

Drew, by the very grace of GOD through the blood of Christ Jesus.
"there shall come after us men whom shall garner great wealth using our system, and having done so shall seek to slam the door of prosperity behind them." George Washington

if hes been drinking heavily

if hes been drinking heavily enough, a doctor can administer benzodiazepine, diazepam or oxazepam. some depend on liver function.