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I wish

Aaron Russo was still alive. He was a good man.


Can someone post a link soon!

I wish I knew how to do that ....

LOL - I have no idea how to convert a TV clip into a youtube video. I'm sure it requires equipment that I don't have - lol

Is it possible??

That we are seeing a chink in the armor of the MSM (albeit a very small one)? Just today - interviews on MSNBC and Faux Snooze, Glenn Beck has his interview with RP as the top story on his site .... hmmmmm

Link anyone?

I hate when I'm slow..

History does not long entrust the care of freedom to the weak or the timid.
Dwight D. Eisenhower

What about the Fed???

It was a good interview, though I am surprised he didn't call out the federal reserve at all.........

That was good.

That was good.

Support and Defend the Constitution!

Good interview..

I thought that was a really good interview. I couldn't believe she actually brought up Freedom to Fascism.


OMG! I don't know who the anchor is, but she's great!

She learned about Paul before he started the campaign from the film From Freedom to Fascism! She said that on the air!!!! Excellent, excellent interview.

I caught that too!

I turned in a little late, but it seemed like it was a great interview!!