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Ron Paul censorship

Greetings fellow Paul Supporters,

This morning I witnessed (more) Ron Paul censorship in my home town and decided it was the last straw. I e-mailed my local AM Radio station to state my view on the situation and the response I received enraged me. It motivated me to join the Daily Paul forums to show a few folks who might share the same opinion I have on the good Doctor Paul and possibly get their advice on how to respond to the situation.

Here is a copy of the e-mail I sent and the response I received.


To whom it may concern,

This morning while driving to work I came across your radio program and began to listen to Glenn Beck and his topic about America's economy. This is the first time I've ever heard his radio program and was completely excited to hear him interviewing my choice of candidate, Ron Paul. He was polite and fair, letting Dr. Paul speak his turn without interrupting him, letting him explain his views on our economy and what would make a change for the better. I was happy to hear such a fair interview.

Unfortunately, I lost my AM signal about 20 minutes before I made it into work and couldn't hear the final words from Dr. Paul or Mr. Beck, so I decided to find a streaming signal on-line at my workstation. Searching for "Glen Beck Radio Show" I found newstalkradio.com and began to stream Mr. Beck's show immediately. I was too late, but continued to listen as my new respect for Mr. Beck made me interested to hear what else he had to say.

I also began to browse through Newstalkradio.com and noticed a Listener Poll on the front page asking who I would elect as President. I was extremely disappointed to find that Ron Paul was not included in this poll, even though he is being interviewed in a so-called 3rd-most-listened-to radio show. I also noticed that Fred Thompson was included in this poll, even though he recently announced his halt for the White House run. This is unfair, unprofessional and undemocratic. What use is a poll if it's options are limited? An angry Ron Paul supporter would call this censoring and unamerican.

I have stopped listening.


Ed Woodworth
Character Animator
IBC Digital


And here is a copy of their response.


Thanks for contacting us… No one is censuring Ron Paul or any other candidate. There was only room for five candidates in our poll and we took the top five per national polling data. We would have liked to have included Tancredo and Hunter as well before they dropped out, but couldn't squeeze them in. With Fred Thompson's announcement that he is also leaving the race, we will be changing out our poll question later today. I have followed Ron Paul's career in Congress and agree with him on many Constitutional issues, but his lack of understanding of the threat we face from Islamo-fascism disqualifies him from consideration for most Republican voters… which is evidenced by his extremely poor showing in the contested primaries and caucuses in Iowa, New Hampshire, Michigan, and South Carolina. Thanks again for visiting our web site.

PS: You need to learn to not get so angry before getting all the facts. However we do appreciate you letting us know you won't be listening anymore. That frees up additional space for all of the other people waiting in line to hear us.


I must have struck a nerve, considering the individual who sent this e-mail did not bother to state their name or position at the radio station. The impudence of this person! The mere idea that he couldn't be included because of a lack of room on the poll is absolutely offensive. What, did he run out of internets?!

I realize that this is only one measly little poll of a whole slew of them all over the internet, but the difference is this is close to home. I am tempted to write back exclaiming the writer of that e-mail's incompetence. How does such an uninformed individual get a job in radio?

What would you do?

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They actually wrote that to you??

Raise hell, my friend

call the station manager!

call the station manager!

Formerly rprevolutionist