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Magic Show! Come one, Come all.

People spend lots of money going see the likes of David Copperfield, David Blaine, Chris Angel, and others in the like of the infamous Houdini. In order to see the biggest and best magic show of them all ......that Houdini himself couldn't even pull of .....all you need is a television and a subscription to cable or the like. Then you need to turn your channels to Fox News or MSNBC or CNN. There you will see the worlds finest magicians spinning their propaganda and making you believe exactly what you see and hear. They are good, very good..........so good in fact that MOST of you haven't a clue you're even watching a magic show. Where do they learn this craft? Who teaches them this magical science? Well........they are all trained of course. They've all graduated from the University of Magic of course.......better known as The Council on Foreign Relations. It's here that current and former elected officials collaborate side by side with the biggest and best of cable televisions talking heads and their executives behind the scenes. They learn to mix their potions and cast their spells on the blind and wooly public and herd them in the direction they want them to go. Yesterday morning I was watching this magic show on MSNBC on the Morning Joe show. There was Mika B. and Chris Matthews discussing the democratic debate between Obama and Clinton. To the average viewer it looked completly spontaneous and as if these ideas were there very own........totally non-scripted. But then as if on cue while arguing with Chris Matthews .......Mika herself is making her own argument and then without skipping a beat in order to back her argument up she goes to a video clip. WOW........MAGIC......before your very eyes. That video clip fit PERFECTLY into her non scripted, spontaneous argument with Chris Matthews. I tell ya, these guys are good. I immediatly turned the channel to CNN and caught them right before they went to a commercial break. They had just finished pulling a RABBIT out of a HAT. .

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Very good post.

This exactly what I am talking about

Are we going to just keep posting complaints?

Join me in getting "Project 'AIR' Strike" off the ground.

Once You Know The Truth, It's Easy To Spot The Lies!

To manipulate perception to the end of deception, the art of illusion fascinates and hypnotizes the masses.

As true in magic as it in life, once you understand the truth it's easy to spot the lies.


I'm still trying to understand

the truth. You're right though.......it's becoming much easier to spot the lies. This is the best magic show in the world though......and even though I'm onto them........I'm sure lots of it gets by me. You have to be really really observant to catch it. Had I been daydreaming at all I would have never paid attention to how that video clip was timed every so perfectly into Mika's supposedly non-scripted discussion with Matthews. Step right up folks!