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The Russians are coming... Hooray!

Yes, it appears the Cold War psy-op is back! Only this time it's Putin of Russia in the role of Reagan, Thatcher, and the Pope. And the "Evil Empire" is none other than the US and NATO.

Yeah, we've seen this movie before. They've just changed out the useful-idiots, I mean actors, I mean "leaders". But the plot is the same.

Finian Cunningham (SCF),- Wouldn’t it be fun if we could somehow revive an average American citizen who had been frozen in a cryogenic capsule from, say, the 1950s? Then, on revival, we allow this presumably open-minded person to sample international news developments that have occurred over the intervening decades since the time he was put into deep-frozen sleep; and, more especially, recent international developments.

We may hazard a guess that the salient impression that this time-traveler would perceive is the stark role-reversal in geopolitics between his native United States of America and that of his country’s supposed arch-enemy – Russia. While, the latter, of course, is no longer known as the Soviet Union and has adopted aspects of the capitalist economy, nevertheless Moscow still remains in many ways the primary centre of global rivalry to Washington.

However, what our awakened experimental subject would find shocking and disorientating is that the «evil empire» epithet that was so prevalently propounded against Russia during the Cold War era has now in fact become more fitting as a description for the foreign policy conduct of Washington.

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