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Ben Swann Money Bomb

Why dont we have the upcoming event for Ben Sawnn's move toward independant journalism on the front page? I think the DP can really impact this and make it big if we keep it bumped on the front page... just my .02

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I'll second this. Donated and a



Bump for Ben!!! Ben got those pledges and the liberty folk will come through. We need Ben!!!! Thank God for someone like Ben who see's right through the lies of the mainstream media! You bet we need Ben!!! SO FUND THE CAUSE!!! FOR FREEDOM!! Because we need more people like Ben on our side!!!

I guess it isn't front page

because the question of why he needs $1.25 million dollars hasn't been answered yet. And why the original kickstarter was cancelled, when apparently the new one is going to say the same thing. And why the release date of June 3 was then pushed to June 10. And why he needs fancy cameras to shoot his videos instead of just using a cell phone or laptop camera. And what exactly does "rock kickstarter" mean...I'm guessing it means give Ben money, only cooler? And why after I suggested on another post that he should be raising money in a grassroots way like James Corbett, that all of a sudden the logo on the BenSwann.com site said "grassroots"... you can't just label something grassroots to make it grassroots, ha ha... or does that make it grassroots? Please answer these questions.

I think you basically

answer your questions yourself. Ben Swann doesn't want to be James Corbett with web camera and nill editing. Ben Swann needs to hire professionals to provide news in format that will be deemed PROFESSIONAL in the eyes of "sheeple" who measure merit superficially.

That's exactly what we need - journalists who can compete with mainstream media in their game and wake people up. Grassroots....crowdfunding.... just words saying the same : these projects won't ever be paid for by big corporations, we have to pay for them ourselves at least in the beginning.

1.25 mil seems like a lot, but it isn't. Look around kickstarter. "Silly" things, entertainment shows, games etc. get way more money all the time, and woe on us if we let this chance to help Ben with a meaningful project slip away.


It seems pretty easy for you to throw the word "sheeple" around, insulting people's intelligence. Your whole premise then is that it has to be "Professional" because most people are stupid... why not just come right out and say it then, since this project is about truth? "Truth for the sheeple!"... oh, you can't do that, because you can't tell them they are sheeple.... you want to trick and deceive them in to watching, by making it look like the shows they are used to.

The real question that you should be asking yourself, is that are you sure that you are not still one of the sheeple? You may be a little more awake, but to me you still seem like one of the sheeple... do you even know what the money for Ben's project will be spent on specifically? Like Peter Schiff asked the other day, is it just going to salaries?

Ben certainly does not need to be defended.

Ben has proven himself many times over. You, however, have not.

You are a troll who is attempting to stir trouble, and diminish this effort. You are a shill.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

A troll a shill?

Asking for where my money would go before I spend it is trolling, or shilling? Responding logically and correctly to someone insulting future libertarians by calling them sheeple, is proving himself? I don't have to prove myself to anyone, I'm not asking for $1,250,000 dollars. And now more insults to hide the truth? You admitted you have a vested interest in this project, and so now you try and silence anyone who questions it by attacking and calling names, all while ignoring my arguments... it sounds like you should be working for the government, they like people like you.

On the contrary, I am trying to promote the effort by pointing out that you would get more people donating if people know what the money will be spent on. I have made the offer twice now to do an Android app for Ben for FREE... I made this offer here, and called Jeremy and left a message about the same, but have yet to hear back... both I and a friend/coworker of mine, have worked on major projects for Disney and have offered our time to help promote Ben. He is also missing out on another major vehicle to spread the word of this campaign, besides the Android app.

Instead of trying to silence and degrade dissenters, you should welcome the questions put to you, and thank people for asking them... instead of doing a Thomas Edison, and electrocuting neighborhood animals to discredit Tesla's AC because you have a vested interest in DC.

I'm done "trolling" and "shilling".. some people just can't be helped.

" You admitted you have a vested interest in this project"

That is absolutely correct; we ALL have a vested interest in getting the whole truth out to the public and to create full awareness.

It is possible that I have overstepped my bounds. If I have, accept my apology. If I have not, take this for what it is worth [in silver, of course - not worthless frn's].


"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

Some valid points, but come

Some valid points, but come on now, "just use a cell phone or laptop camera"??? Those Reality Check segments he had were totally awesome, and I wasn't the least bit ashamed to 'Share' them on FB becasue the content AND quality were top notch. I cant wait to see what he can do without the restraints of any corporate bosses, and blaze his own path to Liberty. Ben is where he is because of all of us, and I think we should give it our best shot to help promote his new venture..

Your concerns are reasonable

I have nothing against what you asked...I'm simply throwing out my thoughts. Ben has to make this look legitimate or he will be rejected by the masses as just a loon. If he goes the extra mile and produces something of quality then it will be very very hard to discredit him. MSM spend a lot of money on making their sets look flashy just to make them seem legitimate.

I don't know why he pushed dates back and I don't know why he named the campaign what he did so no opinions there

Lastly, I have seen this quite a few times....it' was 100% the grassroots who made Ben Swann get to this point. So I have no problems with him calling himself that because his current audience is made up of grassroots members.

I took one of those campaign 4 liberty politically lobbying courses and I'm reminded that you don't hate on your champion. Ben Swann is currently my MSM champion and so I'm gonna trust he is acting responsibly/help him as much as possible.

"Patriotism is more closely linked to dissent than it is to conformity and a blind desire for safety and security." - Dr. Ron Paul

Great Points!

I like this project and would like to see it succeed.

My guess is that it would be easier to fund if he shows his thousands of potential supporters what they will receive for their donations/investments.

The best way to do that would be for Ben and company to heed your advice. I would want to see some sort of rough financial plan that outlines how he expects to use the money and where he sees the long term source of funding would come from if the project is successful.

Gene Louis
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Fantastic idea


You can check out more here.


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"Patriotism is more closely linked to dissent than it is to conformity and a blind desire for safety and security." - Dr. Ron Paul