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MSNBC interview at 2:45 today was AWESOME!!!!

She asked about his economic views AND plugged Freedom to Fascism!! She even spoke about how all other Republican candidates say "fiscal conservatism" but never walk the walk.

Ron Paul got to talk about inflation, printing money, getting rid of income tax, overseas empire, welfare state ect....

It was a great, great interview!!!!!!!!

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Go to...

this thread.....follow through on youtube to go VIRAL!


Anybody know how we can

Anybody know how we can contact that reporter and thank her for a fair interview? I don't watch that network, so I don't know her name. I tried to find out on their website, but I didn't have any success.

Why can't Ron speak like this at the debates?

Holy crap. Now why the hell can't Ron Paul say what he did in that last sentence on this video in the deabtes?

It's without rushing, without getting flustered by a debate attack, and tying fiscal poilicy and empire policy all in one. His campaign needs to replay his statement to him over and over so we can hear it VERBATIM at the next debate!

I could not believe how

I could not believe how fairly he was treated with this interview. I was so happy to see this. He, after all, is the leading expert on the economy in the election, with NO doubt.


talk about nailing an interview. i think shes a RP supporter, has to be, she set him up with the best questions EVER. and shes hot, loved the video



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the interview just ended i dont think

it will be posted for a while

link please.....

link please.....

I'm Jukin for the vid

I had a business call right when it came on !!!

But it looked cool.

Before it was a piece on the Giuliani Harrasment. You guys may wan't to either lay off or kick it up.

Kicking a dog when he is down does come off bad.


time to kick the huckster mutt.

No...Time to convert the

No...Time to convert the hukster pups...

Yea looking for link


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Plugged Freedom to Fascism

Wow! I want to hear that. I also noted the caption below his face at the end of the interview which went something like this "Ron Paul won every state ahead of Guiliani." Good for them.
I will be on Neal Cavuto today at 4:00 pm EST. They are starting the break the silence on him.

Healthnuttie for Ron Paul


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you will be?

are you part of the campaign or somethin?

and whats with that really good fox news article on ron paul today? couldnt believe what i was reading, it wasnt even an affiliate, it was foxnews.com

self bump

self bump!


If this appears on YouTube, pls post it.