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Ron Paul on MSNBC - 1/23/08

Great to see Dr. Paul on the tube again with a fantastic interview.

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With all these positive posts...

...one would be short sighted to overlook that "the disclaimer" begins the clip.

I also find it odd that in this iteration of "the disclaimer" that it was blown through extra quickly at the beginning like something that had to be taken care of.

The biggest surprise of the Ron Paul candidacy to me has been the media coverage. The "can't win" disclaimer and the charts/graphics that somehow manage to overlook Ron Paul and mention those finishing after go beyond odd and into the creepy category. It will be very telling to examine the big picture after the election and see why Fred and Rudy got so much more positive air and fluff time when both underperformed, even with the vast media treatment advantage.


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Kieth Olberman actually mentioned Dr. Paul!

If this was a private business Ron Paul would be the only profit making company!

"In short, you see, the essential is to cease being free and to obey, in repentance, a greater rogue than oneself. When we are all guilty, that will be democracy. Without countering, cher ami, that we must take revenge for having to die alone. Death is so


An intellectually honest reporter and a totally one hot too!! We need to sign her up as press secretary.

Government is supposed to protect our freedom, our property, our privacy, not invade it. Ron Paul 2007

Government is supposed to protect our freedom, our property, our privacy, not invade it. Ron Paul 2007

Great Interview, Agreed.

It looks like sometimes the media is capable of unbaised, good representating interviews, not to mention the host was hot.

I second...

...that the host was hot. ;-)

...But most of all the "hot" unbiased interview of Dr. Paul...Finally, some well deserving coverage from MS(M)BC!

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I third....

I'm in love.
Great interview.

I third....

I'm in love.
Great interview.

Great Interview!

Hope he can do just as well tomorrow night!

I never thought I'd be saying it,

but kudos to MSNBC! Fantastic interview!

I also agree, that I hope Dr Ron Paul's staff reviews this interview again and again. It was a very surgical strike, ;), and I think extremely effective.

Do it again and again!

I am the last person on here

I am the last person on here who approves of rudeness. But at the same time as I watched this video showing Ron Paul's supporters cheering so loudly that Giuliani could not make his speech, the first thing that came to my mind was all the times Giuliani derisively laughed whenever Ron Paul spoke at several of the debates.

Perhaps these supporters learned from Giuliani. Or maybe it was the old saying, "what goes around, comes around."

video on msnbc webpage

here is a good quality video, plus it has a commercial at the beginning, remember money and eyeballs they can charge money for is about all these people care about, watch it officially, and make them take notice.


Awesome! He absolutely has

Awesome! He absolutely has to use that last statement he made in the debate tomorrow. That tied everything together perfectly!

I wonder if Rude E understands "blowback" now...

Go Ron Paul!!!

The Fed's gig is up

I love it. Pretty soon the Federal Reserve great scam is going to be over.
keep talking about it everywhere you go.

Jim Cramer

Jim is calling for an investigation of the Fed. Thank god, the message is finally getting out.

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Great to see him back on the

Great to see him back on the television. Ron Paul and his supporters, the American Dream come true. He is your President no matter what they say. I am British and I wish he was ours. I hope all you people are all going to stand for Congress. Love the message, love the Blimp and the music and all the ordinary people standing up for Liberty and rescuing their great Country. Keep it up, cheers.

Showing Respect

I would just encourage all the Ron Paul supporters to show respect to other candidates. The only way Rudy Guiliani will gain any support or sympathy is from scenes like this one. Let him hang himself.

very much agreed; disrespect = loss of votes!

Just ask the question Ron has asked about foreign policy: how would you react if someone else did it to you?

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What is begun in anger, ends in shame.

RE: Showing Respect

I would agree if Guiliani was speaking on a platform paid for by his campaign or some other formal setting. However, it was obvious from the context of the video that Guiliani was speaking informally to the press, like in some type of hallway or lobby. Not much harm done.

Now why can't Ron Paul speak like this at debates?

Holy crap. Now why the hell can't Ron Paul say what he did in that last sentence on this video in the deabtes?

It's without rushing, without getting flustered by a debate attack, calmly, and tying fiscal poilicy and empire policy all in one. His campaign needs to replay this statement of his to him over and over so we can hear it VERBATIM at the next debate!

Seriously, Ron makes statements like this and then other statements (usually in national debates) where he's all over the map trying to cram in everything in 20 seconds. Can't his campaign staff figure out what the hell sounds good and what sounds scattered brained and replay the good sentences and points BACK to Ron Paul so he knows how to speak in these debates?

Love it!

The mass news agencies and the endorsements are growing this week.

We are on the upswing again people and the money bomb must have helped. I hope some of the bandwagon jumpers had bungee cords so they can get back on and donate more.

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Great interview. The message is so simple and sensible, how can you argue??