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Glenn Beck Interview Transcript AWESOME!!!

Ron's Revolution

January 23, 2008 - 12:54 ET
GLENN: I thought I would get Ron Paul on the phone and find out where he stands on the economy, what the problems are with the economy, what he thinks is coming in our future and how he would correct it if he was President of the United States, and he's on with us now, hello, Ron Paul.

PAUL: Hello, nice to be with you.

GLENN: Nice to be with you, sir. First of all, tell me what's happening with the economy.

PAUL: Well, it's making the correction that was inevitable due to the malinvestment and the unbelievable debt accumulated due to a federal reserve policy. Once they create credit out of thin air, they cause business people, savers to do the wrong thing and you always have to have a correction. So dealing with the recession is very difficult because the cars with a few years ago and we have to work our way out of this, which means there has to be a correction.

GLENN: Okay. If you were President of the United States, what would you do?

PAUL: Well, the advice would be return to the market economy. First we would have to deregulate. We had a crisis a few years ago, at least a supposed crisis with Enron and they superregulated. So I would repeal certainly major portions of the Sarbanes-Oxley. So we would argue for deregulation. Then, of course, there should be major, major tax reform and --

GLENN: Hang on. Before we go into tax reform, let me just start with Sarbanes-Oxley. I don't want to get all -- that's way deep. So let's kind of surface skim here so we don't make people's heads spin off their shoulders. The deregulation, some people will say that part of the problems, for instance, with the bonds is that these insurance companies, they had no regulation. So they just kept insuring people even though they didn't have the money.

PAUL: Yeah, but that was all government, you know. When you have the FDIC or the FHA or whatever ones. The main problem is that we don't save money. That's where capital's supposed to come from. Instead we print money. We create money. We call it capital and then interest rates may be 1 or 2 or 3% and business people think, well, there's a lot of savings going on out there. So they do the wrong things. If interest rates were very high, they would be more cautious but instead we create the bubbles. People start building houses to extreme and then they overbuild and then you have to rest in order for the markets to catch up. And that's when the bubble collapses, and we're in the midst of that. But government does it in both ways, excessive credit and also pushing money into certain areas such as housing or the financial markets and they overprice. Then the prices have to come down. So it's a very difficult situation, but the main goal should be the restoration of the market economy.

GLENN: Okay. So now, you mentioned tax cuts. Congress, both sides of the aisle are talking now about $800 tax rebates to the poorest people in America. I don't know about you, but I've never seen a job created by a guy who's at the bottom of the ladder. This seems just like a plan to get people to spend which to me is what got us here in the first place.

PAUL: Yeah, you are right. And all you do is you encourage consumption and we're overdoing consumption right now. It's not a tax rebate if you send somebody a check for $800 for not paying taxes. That's a welfare check.

GLENN: Thank you.

PAUL: And that money really doesn't go to producing jobs. What you have to do is restore the savings and encourage capital investment. You have to eliminate taxes on capital gains and we have to do whatever we can, get rid of the taxes, the death tax and eliminate taxes on dividends and savings. All these things would encourage savings and then have a market rate for interest rates to give us the signal on whether we should be investing or saving or spending. But that doesn't exist anymore and that's why we have these perpetual bubbles. I think this bubble right now that has been kept together for quite a few years is a major problem and the unwinding of this problem is very critical. The biggest bubble's in the dollar bubble and now the dollar is coming under attack. And what are they proposing? Excessive spending, you know, deficit spending which, where are they going to get the money? They don't have any money in Washington. They either have to borrow from China or print it, which means there's more inflation. Or the Federal Reserve comes in and said, like yesterday, drastically lowering interest rates? How do they lower interest rates? They print a lot more money. Yesterday when they announced that, the dollar immediately reversed itself and sharply went down and it's the weakening of the dollar that is the crisis that we face because everybody suffers from that. You and I suffer because all of a sudden the dollar in that wallet buys 80 cents worth of goods instead of a dollar's worth. So we all get poor and we have to stop that cycle.

GLENN: Nobody understands that, well, they say let me give $800 to the poorest, they are really not doing that much because the dollar is worth so little. The poorest are being hit by inflation harder than anybody else.

PAUL: That is exactly right. The do-good liberal who said we have to take care of everybody -- and they are well intentioned. The more debt they run up to give to the poor, the poorer the people get because they cannot keep up. Take, for instance, even Social Security recipients. Their inflation rate might be 10 or 12% and we give them a cost of living increase of 2%. So they're losing. And you just can't keep that cycle going. You have to balance the budget, you have to live within our means and then we have to restore confidence to the dollar. So it's a major, major undertaking. But we have to reverse it.

I think the most immediate thing is to cut back on spending, not increase spending, and get the money back into the hands of the market of savers and investors and people who are spending. But government economic planning does not work and that's what we're coming to the realization.

GLENN: Well, when you say government economic planning, the Fed is not the government and the Fed just made the largest cut that they have made since 1984. It is the first emergency cut since right after September 11th. There's talk now that they may cut another quarter, which is insanity. There's just no more that you can cut unless you destroy the dollar. What are your thoughts on the Fed?

PAUL: Well, they are the culprit. They caused it. They caused it by keeping interest rates artificially low. How are they trying to solve the problem? Keeping interest rates low. For an hour or to the markets rebounded because they're conditioned to listen to that and they figure, oh, the market's going to go up because interest rates are coming down but today I predict the market's going to go down again because that was only temporary. You cannot change the long-term trend of the market. You can temporarily tinker with it. You can artificially make them go up. But eventually the market is more powerful than the Fed and the government and the rejection of the dollar is the crisis that we face and we face that because we create too much money and we do that because we spend too much, both overseas and domestically and we have to deal with this. We have to live within our means. If we could just freeze all spending domestically and I know we disagree on the overseas expenditures but why do we pay for the defense of Europe and Japan and Korea? We could save hundreds of billions of dollars. So this is my argument and it's well received. Yeah, why do we pay for defense of Europe?

GLENN: Right.

PAUL: If we could save that money, why don't we spend that money here? Just think of all the money that would float back to this country if all those military personnel were stationed here spending the money in this country. We wouldn't be less safe. I think we would be more safe.

GLENN: I'm not necessarily, I'm not necessarily opposed to pulling troops out of some parts of the world but I don't want to get into that today.

PAUL: Yeah, with he don't need to get into that today.

GLENN: We can get into that some other time. I really want to focus on the economy and the gold standard. You are one of the only people that is talking about the return of the gold standard. It was -- I mean, honestly, I mean, Ron, you know, jeez. I don't want to sound like a conspiracy theorist but you know what, at times I believe I am a conspiracy theorist because there's a lot of stuff that just, if you read history and you go back all the way to Woodrow Wilson, you can see that the foundation was laid for one-world government, the foundation was laid for socialism, and I really, truly believe that these -- you know, Hillary Clinton says she's not a liberal, she's, quote, a modern day Progressive. Anybody who knows what a Progressive is, that is a nightmare. It is the road to socialism.

Do you believe that there is any intentional intent to take us down these roads and bankrupt us because anybody with a clue would know what's coming around the corner with Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and I don't know how you can say I want to do universal healthcare as well.

PAUL: You know, I guess there's a lot of evidence for that. It's awfully tempting. I always try to say, well, they are doing it out of ignorance and lack of understanding of how the market economy works rather than saying, oh, I'd like to bring on a Depression. I think they actually believe that they are good managers. Alan Greenspan once told me -- because he used to be a gold standard person and he's written very well about that in his early years. But he says, no, he says, we central bankers have learned to make paper money act as if it's gold. You know, they come to believe in themselves that there is good and they can manage as well as the market, and I told him after that, I said, you know, if you do that, this will be the first time in all of history that anybody could do that, you know, to make paper money act like gold money.

You know, you should never be embarrassed about the gold standard because one of our most favorite Presidents, Ronald Reagan, told me personally once, he says, you know, he says, I'm interested in gold because, he says, if you study history, you find out any great nation that has gotten off the gold standard will no longer remain great. And we just got off the gold standard totally in 1971 and if you look at the statistics, in '71 when it comes to spending and deficits and inflation and the value of the dollar, I mean, they're dramatic. And I just want to make sure we wake up before the dollar totally collapses because that is a real tragedy if we let that happen.

GLENN: How come Ronald Reagan didn't put us on the gold standard? I mean, if anybody had the clout to do it, how come he didn't do it? And if you were President, how would you propose we would do that?

PAUL: Well, it's not easy but what I would do is not want to close down the Federal Reserve because that is dramatic and it wouldn't happen. It would be chaotic, too. All I want to do is legalize the Constitution, let you and me use gold if we want, which means you have to remove sales taxes and capital gains tax off gold and let it circulate just like currency circulated around the world. So if you want to save for your kids' education, you can put them in gold bonds and if the dollar, if you've got, the dollar's going down more rapidly than the price of education goes up, you could save in gold. You could get paid in gold and if we --

GLENN: Hang on.

PAUL: Then paper will not be used anymore.

GLENN: Wait a minute. But what you're proposing, you're this close to being arrested if you -- I mean, if you went and actually did that, they already have. The liberty dollar guys. They have tried to arrest the guy and say, you are trying to compete with the currency of the United States of America. What you're talking about now, you can be arrested for.

PAUL: Yeah. So the Constitution is being violated by law and it's supposed to be the other way around. And this is why I used to term this legalize the Constitution, this legalize gold and silver which is in the Constitution. So you would have to change the tax code. You'd have to persuade the congress to do this, but it would be less chaotic. This is exactly what I proposed in the early 1980s when I was on the gold commission, competing currencies. Economists think you can have competing currencies easier today than in the past because the world's always have competing currencies. Just allow gold and silver to do the same thing.

GLENN: When you were on my program on television, you said something that I didn't correct because I didn't -- I mean, it sounded so outlandish but I let it go because I didn't have the facts and you sounded so convinced of it that I thought, hmmm, I've got to check into that and I'll correct it the next time he's on or I'll correct it the next day. What you said was, if we got rid of the income tax, the Government would still take about the same amount of money in as they had ten years ago.

PAUL: Approximately.

GLENN: We looked into it and it's accurate. Can you explain that and how do we get that message out to people?

PAUL: Well, it's just that the growth of spending is so rapid that people don't realize that freezing budgets would be a tremendous benefit and that's one of my proposals in my economic reforms is just, freeze nondefense and nonentitlement spending which would go a long way to coming to the balance. I think $1 trillion less 10 years ago, I think government was adequate size 10 years ago. But we have this notion that everything that is to have perpetual growth. Just think of our friends in the Republican party that used to run against the Department of Education. What did we do when we finally got in charge? We doubled the size of the Department of Education. We create new departments. We never slow up. Do we do anything to unwind the dependency of the farmers on centralized planning for farmers which pushes cost of food up? You know, it just doesn't make any sense. The people demand change, or they did in '94 and the year 2000, no wonder they're aggravated with us.

GLENN: Wait, wait.

PAUL: We need to at least freeze things without cutting anything.

GLENN: Hang on just a second. The people demand change. Well, the people are demanding change now so much that the voice of the people is so clear that everybody has as their slogan or on their little yard signs either "Change" or in your case "Revolution." And it is -- I mean, it's everywhere. Everybody knows we want change and yet the people are going to the polls and they are voting for Hillary Clinton or John McCain. How do you explain that?

PAUL: Well, it's not easily explained but I think there's a lot of information lacking from these people. A lot of people, you know, you and I and others talk about, you know, the issues and the politics of it but, you know, probably 80 or 90% of the people feel like it's their patriotic duty to vote but they only think about voting about two or three days before the election. We think everybody's interested. You know, we get on a stage and have a debate. We think, boy, everybody's paying attention to us. 80 or 90% of the people are looking at football games but they still feel like they have to vote. It will be very vague information. But all I can see is the people that support me do a lot of reading and they know what's going on and they know what they're supporting and they know about the economic issues and they know about the gold standard and they know they don't like the income tax. So that's a little bit different. And the other thing is they always know I've voted the way I've talked and right now there's a lot of disenchantment with people saying one thing and doing something else.

GLENN: Will you run as a third candidate if you done get the nomination?

PAUL: No, I don't want to do that. I have no plans of doing that. This is a tough enough job right now.

GLENN: Really? Well, why is that? You don't think -- I mean, if it was McCain and Clinton, you don't think there would be a lot of people going, well, jeez, I can't vote for either of them?

PAUL: I think it's the system that bothers me the most. You know, the job of getting on the ballot, I probably spend millions of dollars and half of my effort just wondering if I could even get on the ballot. Then the debates wouldn't be available to me and you probably wouldn't have me on your program or something.

GLENN: Yes, I would.

PAUL: I wouldn't be a major party.

GLENN: Yes, I would. Yes, I would. You know what, I'm very offended by some of your supporters because they always say that, you know, I won't listen to you or I won't have you. I'm probably the guy on talk radio, mainstream talk radio that will at least say I agree with you on a lot of things. I just disagree with you vehemently on others.

PAUL: And I appreciate that.

GLENN: I mean, you know, we just -- I just happen to disagree with you, but I respect you, sir, for your opinion. I have said this, you know, behind your back. So let me say it to your face. I think you are the closest we have running to a founding father. You seem to be the only guy who has actually read the federalist papers. So I appreciate your efforts, sir.

PAUL: Well, thank you very much.

GLENN: You bet. We will talk to you again.

PAUL: Thanks for having me.

GLENN: You bet. Bye-bye.

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GREAT - but

I love this interview.. but I'm still waiting for Glenn to apologize for calling Ron and all of us kook's. It's easy glenn, just say you're sorry and Ill forgive you.

what he's doing now is disgusting- acting like he was there for him all along. No glenn, you werent, and i witnessed it. and it made me sick.

two little words buddy- "Im sorry"

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About to break $7,000 for the day...

Brillant Interview... Thank you for posting!!!

Please donate!!!

Well, You Folks Are Absolutely Right

Vote RON PAUL 2008
I don't watch GLENN BECK (someone suggested that be my case saying so in a related posting to this thread) -- you are absolutely correct in that assumption, I choose not to watch him because I do not trust the man.

I don't say that blindly, I did give his show a fair chance, after all he did seem pleasant enough, he seemed intelligent enough, and he was 'new' to CNN. I stopped watching after seeing him belittle a 9/11 truther.

After witnessing that, I admit I put him in the same category as mainstream media (MSM), which he certainly does work for, the same MSM whom many of us have come to understand go out of their way to discredit those among us who believe other than the 'official 9/11 narrative' of events as given to us by our government -- the very people that many of us honestly believe had something to do with 9/11 in the first place.

I think that's very important, MSM doing that -- They certainly haven't been fair in covering the persistent and unanswered questions surrounding this horrible event (and that's why it won't go away, that's the main reason many of us continue to ask for sanity in this regard) and like people in general they too (MSM) obviously would wish it all away --

BUT WHEN IT DOESN'T -- they are quick to belittle and discredit and debunk the obvious that stares them dead in the face, regardless.

To me, I consider that complicit in helping foster the lies that led to thousands of innocent lives -- and that's not a good thing. Certainly anyone would have to agree that truth is far better than lies and cover up and continuous avoidance.

I'm sure everyone's nerves are frayed as regards this subject, mine are certainly like that, but when I hear folks like GLENN BECK (intelligent as he is) place 9/11 people in a box and label that box -- I take it personally, I get angry and I refuse to accept it. And you should feel that way also.

This is our country and our country has been taken over by gangsters. Not seeing that considering everything we have come to know about 9/11 and the war and the government attitude since -- well, you may very well be good intentioned in your own personal stance in this regard, good bad or otherwise, but you are supporting avoidance and the proper prosecution of the guilty for the crime of the century. The gangsters continue to hide in plain sight, and they smile and call us the weirdo-wack jobs. They are not hiding under my bed, they are in plain sight of everyone. Some see this, some don't.

And another thing I will admit to everyone -- I didn't hear Mr. GLENN BECK actually come right out and call any of us RON PAUL SUPPORTERS terrorist. If so, that obviously would be something even you might get a bit upset about, hearing him mouth those exact words. But what he did say, he planted a seed of insinuation and in doing so did that very thing. I said he's intelligent, that's obvious, and so are the psyops folks that work in the area of psyops. I say GLENN BECK is associated with the psyops folks. Laugh and scoff at that statement all you want, joke and poke fun of me saying that -- it doesn't make it any the less real.

The 4th Psyops Group at Fort Bragg is the military's major psychological operation; it has been PROVEN an effective tool to gain support of 'the people' and cause targeted 'people' to react in such a way that meets a certain desired goal -- this is done without the use of force, without the use of weapons -- IT IS DONE WITH MEDIA INVOLVEMENT.

See for yourself:
Used during peacetime, contingencies, and declared war, these activities are not a form of force, but are force multipliers that use nonviolent means in often violent environments. Persuading rather than compelling physically, they rely on LOGIC, FEAR, DESIRE or OTHER MENTAL FACTORS to promote specific emotions, attitudes or behaviors. The ultimate objective of U.S. military psychological operations is to CONVINCE enemy, neutral, and friendly nations and forces to take action favorable to the United States and its allies.

(and this)
For example, two-and-a-half years ago at Fort Bragg, N.C., the Army unveiled its Special Operations Forces MEDIA Operations Complex, a 51,756-square-foot facility replete with all the tools 4th PSYOPS requires – printing presses, studios and digital audiovisual production facilities – in the service of producing materials TO WIN HEARTS and MINDS wherever the U.S. military finds itself in the world.

Scoff at this all you want (the psyops at work on all of us) but the MEDIA is comprised of people and smart people they are, intelligent people they are -- people capable of convincing you (in essence) that jumping off a building is for your own best interest and something YOU want to do (both for them and for you). Go figure -- the human mind.
Now, here is an appraisal of what it is GLENN BECK did say in the video I provided for your information:

Complaints and demands for a retraction and an apology are flooding CNN today after Neo-Con host Glenn Beck and ex-Marxist David Horowitz smeared Ron Paul supporters, libertarians and the anti-war left as terrorist sympathizers and inferred that the U.S. military should be used to silence them, parroting a talking point that traces back to a September 2006 White House directive.

Beck opened up his show segment by inferring that the U.S. military should be used to silence domestic dissent against the war, claiming that those he would later identify as Ron Paul supporters, libertarians and the anti-war left and link with terrorists, were a “physical threat.”

“When you enlist in the U.S. military, you have take an oath that says you’re gonna support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies - foreign and domestic - we talk a lot on this program about the foreign threats - maybe we should spend some time tonight on the domestic one….the physical threat may be developing domestically as well,” said Beck. Beck then goes on to make the absurd insinuation that Ron Paul supporters are a terrorist threat because they are causing disenfranchisement with the government. His evidence? The November 5th donation drive coincided with a 400-year-old piece of British history and Guy Fawkes plot to blow up the Houses of Parliament.

-- Now you can choose to jump off all the buildings you like; I choose not to watch the man's (MEDIA) show.

JUST ASKING TO BE 'FLAGGED' -- AM I NOT? You that are brainwashed will think so.

Vote RON PAUL 2008

For the sake of argument, lets just say you're right

and the media is full of trained psyops agents. Right now, one of their most often used tricks is to discredit Dr. Paul and paint him as "fringe" is the fact that the 9/11 "truth" crowd support him. He gets asked about it repeatedly, and has even been painted as a "truther" (incorrectly). That being said, if you truly want Dr. Paul in the White House, why don't you turn the tables on the media and use the psyops tactics to help accomplish it. Why don't you and your fellow "truthers" come out in strong support of McCain or Romney? Tell the world that McRomney actually agrees with you but can't say so publicly, lest they be painted as "kooks".
At the very least, it would be helpful to not post your theories on websites associated with Dr. Paul. It provides the psyops more ammo against him.

You're Snoring LOUDLY

Vote RON PAUL 2008
When you suggest this:
Why don't you and your fellow "truthers" come out in strong support of McCain or Romney?

You've gone off the deep end. I don't know if you're trying to be serious saying that, or think yourself funny BUT you make no sense.

I support RON PAUL because I know him to be America's only hope. And I am going to VOTE for RON PAUL for President. Just like you are, I suppose. I'm telling you guys of my 9/11 beliefs (which are personal beliefs, but certainly nothing to be ashamed of -- to hide) and telling you these things, one has nothing to do with the other. You that have 'lost it' are the ones trying to connect the dots when there are no dots.


I'm sharing these 'things' with others that also support RON PAUL on this forum. I'm not standing on a soap box nor am I on MSM and preaching my beliefs (like BECK asked and FOX asked). Just me keeping it here in-house, among fellow supporters of RON PAUL. If you find fault in that -- like I said: You've gone off the deep end, forum friend..

Vote RON PAUL 2008

Hi Little Fella

I don't think you read slowly enough. I'm suggesting you "say" you support McCain or Romney as a psyops tactic so that the media will begin to paint them as nuts just as they have RP as nuts, in part because they assume "guilt by association" with your "truth" movement.
It's a joke, Little Fella.

Little Fella (??)

Vote RON PAUL 2008
I understood your point, it was lame brained -- why would any of us purposefully throw ourself on a gernade just to please YOU and the other nut jobs out there who think we don't belong in the RON PAUL movement? You call that psyops -- I would call it selling out one's honest and true intentions and beliefs. You have no idea what I mean by that and I know that or you wouldn't have suggested such an insulting thing. PsyOps, ha -- some jokes just simply aren't funny, they're in poor taste in case you have to have that explained to you.

9/11 was an inside job -- There's TRUTH in that statement.

RON PAUL is America's Only Hope -- TRUTH in that statement also.

Go back to sleep, you're quite annoying -- TRUTH in that too. Little fella, ha -- now that anger of yours is slightly funny ;-) I'll give you that much.

Vote RON PAUL 2008


I would disagree just a bit about his reference to Japan. The government of Japan foots a major amount of the cost to keep the military in Japan. In fact this has become a major issue in the Diet about how much the Japanese people should be paying to keep the US in THEIR country.

Yes, it is true that the US dumps a massive amount of money into Japan, considering the Cost of Living. Luckily, more than 8000 Marines will be on the move from Okinawa to Guam and other areas, which should reduce some of our cost overseas. I think the Okinawans would be more than happy to see all the bases gone from their island.

He is getting better - Today on his show he gave credit

to Ron Paul again for the "monetary policy" issues and avoided talking about his major disagreement with Dr Paul (Iraq).

I've emailed a

thank you to Glenn Beck and asked that he try to have the other candidates on to talk about the economy also. I want to hear McCain and Huckabee especially, though I'm none too impressed with Mitt's idea of tinkering a little at the edges of the tax code.

If anyone agrees, please send a nice email to Glenn and ask for more interviews on the economy. I'm sick of hearing Huckabee get softball questions about the Bible.

Most of all, I'm sick to death about questions on gays and abortion, because we tend to get our worst presidents when social conservatives (of which I am one) think of nothing else. (Ditto to voters who wouldn't even consider voting for someone that hasn't marched in the latest gay-pride parade or isn't for abortion all the time, any time.)

the Ron Paul interview...

is the main topic on the home page of glennbeck.com. If anyone is a suscriber to his website, they can post the interview.

My favorite...

GLENN: When you were on my program on television, you said something that I didn't correct because I didn't -- I mean, it sounded so outlandish but I let it go because I didn't have the facts and you sounded so convinced of it that I thought, hmmm, I've got to check into that and I'll correct it the next time he's on or I'll correct it the next day. What you said was, if we got rid of the income tax, the Government would still take about the same amount of money in as they had ten years ago.

PAUL: Approximately.

GLENN: We looked into it and it's accurate. Can you explain that and how do we get that message out to people?


loved that section of the interview




This doesn't sound like Glenn Beck at all! Great interview.

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.
-Margaret Mead

What a Great read

I hope he gets RON PAUL on his show soon


It's crazy people would rather talk about a bunch of stuff that does not matter. If more people read this transcript we would have a better understanding of RP message.

Thanks for posting.

Looks like Beck is coming around. When is he going to endorse? I guess the war issue is holding him back.

If Ron Paul, (or mitt romney) wins, Glenn wins.

I've listened to his radio show a little over the last few months, and if RP or MR wins the nomination, his ratings will go way over Rush or O'really. If they lose, he won't go down much in ratings. this is perfect for him.

Great Interview - Proud of Glenn Beck

I thought this was a great interview by Glenn Beck. He is starting to come around. I have know of Glenn since 2003 and have always thought him a blowhard like O'reilly and Limbaugh, but I can clearly see that he is doing some intelligent investigation into things.

Particularly his mention of Woodrow Wilson. Wilson is responsible for allowing the Federal Reserve Act to get passed in the first place. Also Wilson's best friend Colonel House wrote a book called "Philip Dru: Administrator" which basically is an older version of "1984." The soviets used some of the book's principles to help run their communist regime.

One thing I will say that I hope all alarmist types will take into consideration. We don't need to be bashing people like Beck or O'reilly and rallying against them for their beliefs and statements. We need only to help them see the light, which they are perfectly capable of seeing, since they are human beings just like you and me.

The real goal of the RP campaign is to get people to do their research and study up on these topics so we can collectively solve our problems instead of relying on government or the president. Therefore, we must adopt an attitude that is accepting of other's beliefs and opinions. When they're ready to come around they will, and I think this interview is evidence that Glenn is starting to come around. You can't force your beliefs on people no matter how right you think you are. It only puts people on the defensive.

When you learn to be accepting of others viewpoints you will find that from time to time you will have a chance to influence their viewpoint when they come to you and right now Glenn Beck is reaching out to us, and instead of showing him the right places to look and do research some people are just calling him an asshole or psyop and that is completely uncalled for and does absolutely nothing at all whatsoever to help anything, moreover it actually makes things more difficult.

Please people, be friendly in spite of yourselves and let's try to recruit the mainstream media instead of emphasizing some kind of false separation between us and them. The reality is there is no separation between us and them, as evidenced by the fact that you and I were both once ignorant to the truths we now proclaim.

Send an enlightening email to news producers or radio hosts, show them where to look and the truth may set them free.

Personal research always converts them

I agree that it does sound like Beck is doing some reasearch and beginning to wonder if Ron Paul is in fact right about what he is saying. I think most of the really avid Ron Paul supporters have all gone throught the same process. They hear something that Ron Paul says that really sounds unbelievable and then they do their own research and find that Ron Paul is much closer to the truth than the story line we have been fed by the main stream media. I think that's why we are so passionate.

Unfortunately, Ron Paul is also correct about how little people actually spend researching the candidates and the issues. People say they want change but then they don't even know why they're voting for someone. Real change can only take place if the masses take the time to educate themselves. I hate the thought that my one vote can be cancelled out by someone who is totally clueless.

Tim Maitski
Atlanta real estate agent
Atlanta real estate website

Dude as a pastor . . .

I can tell you there are some people who don't want the truth. The reasons vary. But not all people want truth.

Now I know what you might be thinking "oh here comes this bible guy touting the fact he thinks he knows the truth."

I realized I was closed minded on the war and it wasn't until I was motivated to do a indebth study on the issue because I wanted to vote for Ron I just couldnt believe he could be so stupid . . . but duh I was the one who was wrong. Some people can't dare to think they may be wrong on an issue. Others just don't want to be grouped with people who are thought to be Insane. My kids go to a christian school and all there friends parrents are voting for the Huckster. Why because he is a christian pastor. They see my ron paul mobile and are freaked that I would stand up to support some one who would legalize drugs (i know its not "really" true) But peer pressure keeps them back. Still others would reject the lifestyle change that may result from people being truely free to choose to live how they always wanted to live. This is the one that keeps most people away from "the bible thing". and just as some fear what that choice might mean to a persons life so I supose the oppisite could also be true. people fear what someone else's life could become if they had "to much freedom"

All this happens before a single issue is looked at.

I am an aweful typer so this took me a very long time. Let me say this I didn't want to become a christian. when I looked at the evedence objectively and read thier aurguments. I really had no choice. Now let be say I am not talking about religion or indoctrination. I am the least religious Pastor I am sure you will ever meet. Its more vile to me then the political bile coming out of our political opponents mouths (and thats really bad). Many will be invited to Ron's Inaguration but not all will come.

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It's the economy stupid

The Media including Beck are a whole new game. Ron Paul's has a passion for economics. He doesn't need briefed on what the terms mean. I think we need to allow the past issues to slide by a bit and grab the media time now----people are listening now. They may want to pick a war hawk next time----after President Ron Paul saves us, just like some might want a pro-choice candidate next time, but right now we need Ron Paul.

Don't be too hard on those that are only just starting to figure this out----they'll come around!

Glenn Beck might be

one of the better salesmen for this campaign. He is showing conservatives that even if they are scared of Ron Paul's Revolutionaries, and they disagree with his foreign policy, they should still view Dr. Paul as the best candidate for president. I think he's opening up some much-needed access to his conservative listeners.

"I killed the banks"

GLENN BECK Is A Real Slime Ball

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Quite honestly a man that would put RON PAUL through what this jerk did as seen in this video clip is nothing but a crud of the worst kind:

Some of you folks out there are seriously deluded to think (??) that GLENN BECK is a nice guy, he works for MSM for a damn good reason and gets BIG $$ for the same -- and you seem to be accepting his load of horsesh*t as if it smells of roses.

It has been quite clear to everyone from the outset that RON PAUL has not endorsed the 9/11 truth movement; and to that I say GOOD FOR HIM. That is entirely his business and he I am sure has his own reasons for staying separated from the same. This GLENN BECK pulled the exact same thing that other jerk did at the FOX News Debate asking RON PAUL about his supporters, a large portion of which just happen to be 9/11 supporters, as if that alone means RON PAUL is a tin foil hat wearing weirdo because many within the 9/11 truth movement find RON PAUL to be the best candidate when it comes to being our next President. One does not automatically fit with the other. And yet it is clear as glass that psyops is working hard to distort and redirect and make it seem to fit where it naturally doesn't.

We in the 9/11 movement find RON PAUL to be America's only hope. We feel that way because considering what we have come to realize hope was lost and continues to be lost unless this man is elected to office. No one is expecting his beliefs to perfectly match those of 9/11 trruth seekers, that is only a fraction of who and what we are anyway -- we are all Americans first and foremost and we want what is best for our beloved country. RON PAUL can make that happen whereas no other candidate can. That's why we gravitate towards RON PAUL and his honestly, that's why we want him as our next President. Because we see the corruption that exist as is -- and it MUST BE CHANGED or it will simply remain corrupt. What is so hard about understanding that?

GLENN BECK may have pulled the wool over some of your eyes, but he stands out in my book as a psyops agent whose true purpose is to help keep a lid on 9/11 (just like all the other MSM have been hard at work doing these near seven years) by painting everyone associated with demanding truth as a bunch of weirdo wackos. A sad continuing effort on the part of some pretty sick folks, and GLENN BECK is among the best (worst) of them.

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Jerry, I am not sure if what

Jerry, I am not sure if what you wrote "...a large portion of which just happen to be 9/11 supporters...." was your thoughts or something from eother Beck or the Fox person you referred to.

Regardless, that statement needs to be changed around a bit:it should be -a large portion of 9/11 truth seekers are RP supporters, the statement should not be that a large majority of RP supporters are 9/11 truthers.


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Thanks for pointing out that statement I made // I've got to say that I really truly have no way of determining (other than my own feelings on the subject) if a majority exist here or not. With that understood by me, perhaps I did over state my association of the same, making it seem as if fact when I don't truly know it to be that at all. Now that came out a bit confusing, I'm sure -- am I apologizing for something I said, or not?

Perhaps I took liberties I shouldn't have in this regard. For that I do apologize.

Let me say it this way -- there are many (again I have to laugh at myself here because I can't even prove that simple little word without making some detailed search on the matter, which I really don't want to undertake, it would be silly for the time and effort of it) but I do know that the same has been a major concern of GLENN BECK (as shown clearly in the video clip) and that FOX News representative (at the recent debate). And for those reasons, I can only think (??) that others must also believe RON PAUL has a sizeable following of us 9/11 wacko weirdos, or they wouldn't have brought it up in the first place -- I call us that in jest, hope you all can understand me doing that.

Just in case -- To clear that up for everyone: I do not think us that at all -- I believe we are good and honest people in most cases (can't prove that either -- smile if you can) who want Dr. RON PAUL as our next President because we feel he is closer to the way we have held the United States dear to our heart and can return us to that more so than any other candidate and/or incumbent now holding that office.

I understand why Dr. RON PAUL hasn't made the 9/11 truth movement part of his issues -- it would be political suicide considering all the fraud and corruption he (and all of us) are already facing. No sense in adding to that hardship. But still we know (at least I know based upon my research of the good Doctor) that Dr. RON PAUL is America's only hope. And I also know that 9/11 was an inside job -- again something I have come to know based upon my detailed and lengthy open-minded research. It is not me trying to confuse and link the two issues here, GLENN BECK and FOX News are the bad guys doing that. Enough said, I hope.

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Good grief!

Yes, that statement definitely needed correction.