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Are we at a 'tipping point' with the MSM?

I feel something changing. Also if the news from LA is true.... a lot of us will have to eat our words.

How many times are we gonna have to ask ourselves, "Was Ron Paul Right?"

I truly feel now that Dr. Paul has a real strategy somewhere for winning this thing.

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I think it's important to

I think it's important to remember that the people at the top must count on the loyalty (and ignorance) of those underneath them who do the actual grunt work that keeps the media operating, and that many of these people are not aware of the full scope of the agendas coming down from above. Once these people's ignorance wanes, there will be many little battles inside the media conglomerates that will be difficult (if not impossible) to hide from the public. At some point, many of the people who work the cameras, mixers, mics, production trucks, etc. are going to swing to our side, and then look out!!!

How to support RP's cause every day:
1. Don't use credit cards
2. Stamp your cash with RP stamp before spending
3. Take cash out of ATM, stamp, put back in bank
4. Explain to teller why you did #3
5. Repeat

sorry to hijack. I need your help though.

Help me launch an air strike...
Please join me in getting "Project 'AIR' Strike" off the ground. This will have a huge effect and not cost a dime.