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ron paul is going to maine!!!!

i just got an e-mail from a meet up group in portland saying he is going to maine on 1/27 and will be there till monday...24 hours in vacationland!!!! woo hoo!!!

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Same stuff in Maine

How do I know?

Well, I posted a nice profile on a dating site where I mentioned my enthusiasm for RP. I get some that say they like him, some that say, they never heard of him and about 50% say "I wish he had more support"

DUH!!!! Don't get much more support than this!!!

So I adjusted my profile to illuminate that fact.

Does my burka make my butt look fatwa?

People live in maine?

Thought we just keep that land to keep the round number of 50 states...

Yes! I'd have preferred he'd spend 3 days,

but one day could be enough, if all the Maine media come out. And the 28th is just right, in terms of what else is going on - he should make the top story on radio and TV that day, and in the papers the next day.

No other candidate will be showing his face there before the 29th.

This could be another Nevada.

George Dance

George Dance

Robbing Ron Paul

HELP MAINE WIN THIS - Here is how YOU can help?

Hi All,

Thanks for the interest, we just got a list of 1000 recently identified Ron Paul supporters, I have this list divided into pages of 25-30 names each. Please call me at 207-699-2909 (9am-5pm EST) if you can help us turn these supporters into delegates. We have a great base of support, a strong need for delegate identification/education, and out of state help is just as valuable as in state help.

Any and all offers to help are appreciated and will be accepted if you email AND call,,,the email is coming in fast and furious these days my appoligies if I do not respond immediately. Remember, we have many more list of supporters to whom calls should be made. Thank you, GO RON PAUL!

*Forward this on if possible*,

Forrest K.
Field Coordinator
207-699-2909 9AM-5PM EST

Ron Paul 2008

How about we make this one in the news!

ANNIVERSARY BOMB-51 years of marraige 02/01/1957 for Dr. and Mrs. Paul. Anyone want to match my $51.00? Perfect Coincidence with the beginning of the Maine Caucus- 02/01-03!

Solid Marraige, Solid Plan, Solid Leader


He will love it there.


he really should stay there until the primary

This campagn really needs a win. We can't even placce in Florida, so, why not put our efforts(official and unofficial) into winning maine?

Ron Pauls message is needed...

Here in Illinois!

Please go to our youtube video.



Also see this Ron Paul painting being auctioned on ebay!

Please help this call go viral!

To all of you in Maine"

Make this huge! Make sure to invite EVERYONE in your communities to attend! Win this thing!


This is great news. MAX out the effect of this visit by making sure that Maine old media is all over it???


Its starting

I think RP is trying to win this thing. I think he has a real plan.

Im trusting him and his campaign the rest of the way.