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Make our Presence Felt....A new, sure fire strategy...

Get this post to everyone you know sitting in front of a computer.

Let's all make a concerted effort to make our presence known to the MSM, Fox in particular.

Pull up their main website http://www.foxnews.com/ and start clicking the reload button on your browser as fast as you can. This will overwhelm their servers and well, who know what might happen.

If 100,000 or more of us do this repeatedly the will feel our presence.

Now let's organize this...

6:00 EDT http://www.foxnews.com/
6:05 EDT http://www.cnn.com/
6:10 EDT http://www.msnbc.com
6:15 EDT http://abc.go.com/index
6:20 EDT http://www.cbsnews.com/
6:25 EDT http://www.nbc.com/
6:30 EDT http://www.pbs.org/
6:35 EDT http://www.clearchannel.com/

Be sure to check you local time zone so we are all calling for their web pages at the same time.

Let's give them 5 minuets of grief and see if we can nudge them a bit. We'll try this for two days during prime time.

If we don't see any results or a change in their reporting habits about the best man on the face of the earth we'll step it up a bit...Say twice a day starting at 12:00 PM EDT and then again at 6:00 PM EDT and do it for 10 minutes.


By the way this isn't illegal. It's our right to querry the internet in search of some good news about the Good Doctor.

Happy reloading :)

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Hi, I like Macs and Ron Paul.

Would be fun... but not in our best interests.

Grassroots D-Dossing has been done before... It is perfectly legal to ping a site to death on your own, but as soon as you begin to try to coordinate it through a site like the Daily Paul Big Brother rolls in and begins to threaten litigation. Thats essentially what happened with YTMND, 4Chan, and SA when the forum members orchestrated an attack against Ebaum's World over copyright infringement. We came, we pinged, they cried, and the feds nabbed some kids for internet terrorism. We may have brought Ebaum's to its knees for a few days, and nuked their forums but in the end it didn't change a thing.

So my 2 cents is DON'T DO IT! It's futile, It's bad press, and it could get this site in trouble with Uncle Sam.

We ought to be polite as the Good Doctor preaches. Lets come up with a way to win some hearts and minds (excuse the cliche), not scare people off.

Help us win hearts and minds...

Growing Here in Illinois!

Please go to our new youtube video.


Also see this Ron Paul painting being auctioned on ebay!

Thanks to all Patriots to make these items viral!

Please send these links to everyone in your address books.

i think that could easily be called terrorism

There is no point to that, and we could probably be arrested as domestic terrorists. Boycott their sponsors.



no thanks...pretty sure that

no thanks...pretty sure that DOS attacks are still illegal

It's not a DOS attack but a

It's not a DOS attack but a coordinated request for information. We can help it if they won't report the truth. Where do we get satisfaction? The FCC. They're picking on our guy by not showing him?

If we set up a DOS attack using the traditional programming methods I agree it woould be illegal. Querrying a page isn't.

As well as obnoxious.

I wish people would put 1/4 of this kind of energy into POSITIVE things, such as, well, http://www.dailypaul.com/node/28639 instead of letting useless chaff like this bury any & all halfway-good ideas. Sigh. One more time, folks. Being obnoxious is NOT the way to be noticed if you actually wish to WIN. THINK!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, let's just lie down

Well, let's just lie down and take...Ok...NOT!!

You're misrepresenting my post.

A DDOS attack is obnoxious, like it or not, and my post -- which you probably have yet to even read, if my guess is right -- has NOTHING to do with laying down and taking it. It has to do with ignoring definitely-idiotic & quasi-criminal suggestions like yours. In fact, I hope this entire thread disappears. It's happened to better threads here in the past.

I read your post....What do

I read your post....What do you have to offer? Well?

A flag

For being idiotic and suggesting something that's quasi-illegal and definitely-obnoxious. Hey, you asked...

Good idea but it'll take

Good idea but it'll take major coordination. Maybe if you did this nightly and built the numbers and advertising. If everyone on this forum did it it wouldn't be significant.

Get the word out to all of

Get the word out to all of your friends in your mail list....and to all of the meetup groups.

Im with you!

Im with you!

Good for you ...tell all of

Good for you ...tell all of your friends.





Any takers?

Any takers?