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Final blimp flight is tomorrow unless there is a sponsorship

miracle. Do we want to lose this?? Once it's over it's over so think about it.

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I won't support anything with the name Google written on it.

Save money for other purpuse

Since blimp can't fly over all states of Feb 5th, why not let it down and donate to some TV ads.

Ron Paul, the Thomas Jefferson in 21st century

Sponsor the BLIMP!!!

Like it or not, the blimp has brought us an unbelievable amount of media attention, one we would not have been able to achieve with other means.

The hard part has been done. It's been rented, the banners are made and paid for.

All we need to to do is keep it afloat through Super Tuesday.

According to the blimp website, we need to hit the $215,000 mark now.

So, you mean to tell me, we cannot raise the remaining $120,000 in one day?!!

I say everyone promote this on all websites and forums and we'll get there.

Onward and upward!


Get rid of the 'Google' part and I will support it.

Put the revolution or something about the defend the constitution on it.

The blimp needs to seed out

The blimp needs to seed out a corporate sponsor or an organization much richer than any of us. They are an independent advertising agency... so act like one!

"The main thing that I learned about conspiracy theory is that conspiracy theorists actually believe in a conspiracy because that is more comforting. The truth of the world is that it is chaotic..." —Alan Moore


It may be too late, but wouldn't it seem obvious to have Google sponsor the blimp? $200,000 is immaterial to them, as they are sitting on $13 Billion CASH.

you're absolutely right, they should try funding themselves.

Collectivism is slavery.

Collectivism is slavery.

how much do they need

like 6 thousand, right?

I don't have the money, but

I'm thinking this is a fraction of those full-page ads in boring old-media newspapers. I hope we can somehow keep this blimp until Super Tuesday -- after that I don't really care. But today, Florida needs the help of all our deep pockets supporters!!