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La. GOP releases unofficial delegate results


Are these the Ron Paul delegates???

Nearly 10,000 Louisiana Republicans voted for delegates and alternate delegates to the 2008 Louisiana Republican Convention at caucuses throughout the state on Tuesday.

The Congressional District 4 caucus — which encompasses Caddo, Bossier, Webster, Claiborne, Bienville, DeSoto and Red River parishes — was held at the CenturyTel Center in Bossier City.

The 15 delegates who will represent District 4 are: Flo Alexander,Royal Alexander, Rick Edmonds, John Kay Jr., Bill Kostelka, Sandy McDade, Trent P. Newell, Barrow Peacock, Daniel Robinson, Alan Seabaugh, Evodna Springer, Deanna M. Wallace, Matthew L. Wallace, Ron Webb and Bryan Wooley, according to unofficial results released today by the Republican Party of Louisiana.

All 14 candidates on Tuesday’s ballot will serve as alternates. They are: Margaret P. Coates, Brad Craft, Lisa Debetaz, Buddy L. Edwards, Bruce Garrett, Bruce James, Sarah L. Logan, Paula Pinkston, Gary Pomraning, Bruce Wray, Steve Riall, Rick Taylor, Ronnie Touey, Harvey D. Werner.

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For someone who has the time

take the delegates names that won in LA and do a name search on fec.gov to see who, if at all, they donated to for this election. I'm guessing it won't give us a complete picture, but may shed some light.

I found some info here:


From: Matthew Baker
Sent on: Wednesday, January 23 at 1:29 PM
Hello all,

Do not be fooled. The Pro-Life/Pro-Family slate are majority Huckabee supporters. I knew a large number of them and they told me that they are telling people they are uncommitted to not scare away non-Huckabee votes, but they are all die-hard Huckabee.

Furthermore, I think two dirty tactics were used by this group to win. We did anticipate this, but it breaks my heart to see it nonetheless. First, the "Pro-Life/Pro-Family" idea. They implied that their candidate was the only pro-life and pro-family candidate. This is ridiculous not only because pretty much all Americans are pro-family, regardless of party lines, but pretty much all Republicans are pro-life. Ron Paul has without a doubt the strongest pro-life and pro-family record, but when I tried to talk to these people about his record they just smiled sarcastically and ignored me.

The second dirty tactic was their disrespect of religion. They put Baptist pastors on their ballot, who used buses to bring their church congregation in to vote for them. I am a Christian myself, and attend Shreveport Community Church, and I greatly respect how my pastor stays out of politics. A pastor is a position of trust, and of course whoever a pastor supports their congregation will blindly support. It is unethical for a pastor to get involved in politics and betray that position of trust. Don't they have better things to do? This should be a reason they should lose their nonprofit status. Since I could go on for a while longer I'll quit for today.

This does not mean we give up our fight. It means we fight harder!

Matt Baker

On Jan 23, 2008 1:06 PM, robert m. peters <[address removed] > wrote:

I cannot pretend to know what is going on with the Pro-Life/Pro-Family slate. I would suggest, however, that is smacks of John McCain and/or Huckabee. Apparently McCain and his people met with our current governor sometime in December of 2007; therefore, whoever the players are, I would bet that it was brokered at that meeting.

I would say that it is a state party slate with input from one or more of the campaigns. On experience, I can say that one can never tell how loyal these people are. I suggest that under certain conditions some of them can be won over. However, within the group of currently elected delegates, I would bet that there is an alpha personality with absotute devotion to the party. He and those allied with him will fight, hopefully unsuccessfully, any attempt to "move" other non-Paul delgegates into our camp.

I agree, however, 100%; we must keep up the fight. We must, as one of my historical mentors was known to say as things got really tough, "Press on, boys, press on!" (and girls too).

Lot's of good people did great work for Dr. Paul. For those of you who stood as candidates, "Thank you!" For those of you who are delegates or alternates, "Congratulations!"

Robert M. Peters

For the Cause!

From: [address removed]
Subject: [ronpaul-248] New Plan
To: [address removed]
Date: Wed, 23 Jan 2008 12:24:34 -0500

First off, congrats to Ron Webb on getting elected as a Delegate in the 4th Congressional Dist. I know this is a hard day for all of us, but we can't give up now; the fight goes on.

There's 650 Provisional Ballots that are still uncounted; even though some won't be counted, we might just get enough votes to send a few more of our delegates to the dance.
Sharon Nixon came in 16th, and with just 6+ votes from Provisional Ballots she's in.

Her husband, David, came in 18th, and with 15+ P-Votes he's in.

David Touchstone came in 22nd, but with 30+ he's in.

I came in 23rd, and need WAY more P-Votes to get in, but if we got 30+ P-Votes; that's 3 more Ron Paul delegates that's going to BR in February.

Second, we need to find out more about this Pro-Life, Pro-Family faction: are they really uncommited, or are they actually supporting a candidate (Huckabee)?

If the PL/PF Delegates are uncommited; then we need to make contact with them, invite them to our Meeting Monday night, and put on a presentation about how Ron Paul is the most PL/PF candidate currently running.

I realize we can't sway all of them, but if we can at least plant some Ron Paul seedlings; then we might be able to convert a couple of them.

We must find out who's behind the PL/PF. Invite them to the meeting as well, and plant Ron Paul seedlings in them as well.

We all got into this knowing it wasn't going to be easy, and it hasn't been. We need to pick ourselves back up, dust ourselves off, band together, and get back into the fight. We need the next two Freedom Rallies we're having to be the biggest and best yet! We need teams to put out Ron Paul Yard Signs throughout S-B; several of us are already doing it, but we need be putting signs out at the same time and day for a more visual impact. We need to get as many people to come and vote for Ron Paul at the primaries as possible. Most of all, we can't give up; no matter what, every battle we lose in this war can either break us, or make us stronger and more determined. We must take this loss, and move forward without hesitation; for the War is far from over.

Freedom Forever,
James Burns

please join me.

Help me launch an air strike...
Please join me in getting "Project 'AIR' Strike" off the ground. This will have a huge effect and not cost a dime.


No way to tell

We won't know anything until the Feb 16th at the state convention.

Truth before all else.....it is what will allow us to emerge with dignity and honor.

There is at least a HUGE clue

There is no chance that any of the delegates on that "ProLife/ProFamily" slate were undercover or secret Ron Paul agents. C'mon. Like someone said before, they would eat their own excrement before they would vote Ron Paul.

Well, I read the warmongering slate won in all 7 districts

It seems to me that the other four candidates got their scraps together, put them as 1 slate of delegates, and left Ron Paul with zero delegates. There ain't not light at the end of that kind of tunnel. It's telling the citizens that want freedom to eff off and go back into their chain gangs for the State God.
It is ABSOLUTELY wrong that any political party can squeeze out the citizens of this country, thereby barring them from the political process. That's what they just did in Louisiana. The elites rule, woohoo!


Lets see? Who the heck are they backing???????????????????


There is life at the end of the tunnel my friends!

It's time! Rand Paul 2016!

"Truth, Justice, and the American Way!"

They didn't do it the

They didn't do it the shreveport times listed there names

I can think of at least 2 good reasons why...

If these are our people...that voted for RP....they deserve applause...

If they are the($^*%#&%#!&#$(%$ that went along with this amalgamation of deception...they deserve multiple 3am phone calls...:)

In Liberty,

Dave Goree CFII

Teaching Flying...and talking Ron Paul...and Liberty!

Teaching Flying...and talking Ron Paul...and Liberty!

Calm Down and Play Nice

Is it possible that some of the "amalgamation deception" people support Ron Paul, too? Yes.

And others, who may not have heard of him, may support him after hearing more? Yes.

It sounds like we did very, very well. Try not to alienate any potential supporters.


What do you think? http://consequeries.com/


would you put there names on here.. a # of how many would have been ok..

The names were published in

The names were published in the Shreveport Times. What's the big deal?

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