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Alex Jones goes bat sh-t crazy on BBC Sunday Politics show

US Ambassador of Truth Alex Jones goes bat sh-t crazy on BBC Sunday Politics show

There seems to be a conspiracy to get Alex Jones to make a fool on himself on TV.

The Telegraph ask : Is this guy working for the New World Order?


Alex Jones Full Interview - BBC One Sunday Politics

Alex Jones Full Interview - BBC One Sunday Politics

 Bilderberg With Alex Jones & Daniel Estulin ~ Saturday June 8 2013

C2C AM: 

Bilderberg With Alex Jones & Daniel Estulin ~ Saturday June 8 2013


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I understand AJ's

I understand AJ's frustration. That interview was a setup from the getgo. Alex knew it as soon as he saw how they worded the video... These two British jackass media men are like our own. They offered nothing but personal pap and drivel. Alex may not win them over but he is hard to refute on his facts. AJ needs our help..not our scorn.

Go Watch It Again!...

It's slipped to number 2/3 on the most watched list!


Goes off

When he goes off like this, it makes me and most people think he has no point. He's a crappy public speaker in debate. That's what these interviews show us. Don't expect him to be on any other shows, who would want to contend with him after Morgan and this?!?!

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Alex Jones.,. a nutter or Prophet

Artist Taxi Driver talks about the BBC interview ( warning/ language )

Alex Jones a nutter or Prophet

Wow!!!!! Edward Snowdon...just stunning

If Wars Can Be Started by Lies, They Can Be Stopped By Truth.


LOVED the Alex Jones a nutter or Prophet vid! Thanks and saved to favorites !

"If ever time should come, when vain and aspiring men shall possess the highest seats in Government, our country will stand in need of its experienced patriots to prevent its ruin."
Samuel Adams

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Hilarious when he calls the Queen a Goat!

If Wars Can Be Started by Lies, They Can Be Stopped By Truth.

Nothing to see here, just a confirmation that media outlets are

All owned by the same power structure. Notice the conversation was steered towards conspiracy now that sunlight is being let in on the confab. Jones just led thousands to infowars which is his business, while the status quo protected their masters. No matter what you think of Alex Jones, he certainly is spreading the message of tyranny and exposing things that Rush and others up until 2-3 years ago adamantly denied existed. I have no opinion of Jones personally, as I see him for what he is, a shock jock of political reality, just as Howard Stern is a sexual shock jock, both are outrageous, yet Stern was #1, and now on satellite radio with millions of listeners. I foresee an awakening and Jones being taken a bit more seriously as the global banker take over continues in the U.S., and is exposed day by day. Does anyone think for a second the sheep will remember a quiet, reserved, and quiet puppet sitting in the corner being benign about this group, or will they remember the guy that was either crazy or madly outraged at what is occurring? I suspect the latter.

Always remember:
"It does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen to set brush fires in people's minds." ~ Samuel Adams
If they hate us for our freedom, they must LOVE us now....

Stay IRATE, remain TIRELESS, an


how all the little pussies find endless fault and conspiracy theories with Alex Jones.

He's done more to awaken this country -- no the world -- than any other personality out there.

So all the AJ bashers are testimony to his effectiveness.

He's a hammer on the anvil of truth.

Don't put your thumb on the anvil.


Alex jewnes and his teutonic nazis.
how's that jewish wife of yours, Alex?
and how's that jewish run corporate media machine your show airs on, Alex?

fine, you say? shalom then.



Why is it that you hate jewish people?

"When the people fear their government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty."

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Evidence the BBC hosts have an I.Q. below room temperature:

Evidence the BBC hosts have an I.Q. below room temperature (either that or a gold fish's long term memory capabilities):

they thought that using the phrase "shut up" was appropriate with the man named Alex Jones.

Not with John Smith. Not with Joe Schmoe.

No, with Alex Jones. Hellllloooooo?!

Better yet: on the very topic he has dedicated decades of his OWN lifetime.

... "shut up", huh?! To him and on that???!!!

How more clueless can anyone be?


"Cyril" pronounced "see real". I code stuff.


"To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study is dangerous." -- Confucius

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That was awesome.

Go AJ.


All the trite gestures will

All the trite gestures will just fall on deaf ears. Unfortunately for the BBC, Alex has the documentation on his side...not some conspiracy theory promoted by the BBC. Personally, I laughed at the BBC's vain attempt to frame Alex as a loon. LoL ... Gestures can't change the truth unfortunately. ;)

Alex isn't stoopid...

If AJ goes on mainstream media and keeps his cool, then it is a minor event. If AJ goes apeshit then the clip is aired over and over again. This means that many more people will see the clip.

And there are many people that are damn angry and probably understand AJ's attitude.

Doesn't everyone wanna go on a mainstream program and cut loose on these fools?

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Yes, absolutely!



Alex gets excited appearing on a MSM show


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Did I hear that right?: "Shut up!"

BBC: "We have an idiot on the program"?
The BBC just confirmed that they are trash.

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They are just like Piers Morgan.

And should be treated the same way.


take that you limey redcoat wanker

i don't think alex will get invited to have tea and crumpets with those lads.

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Some folks don't plan to raise their voice...

Until they are being shoved into a cattle car on their way to a FEMA camp... I thought Alex did a great job, he didn't let them dominate the convo and run there marginalization psy-ops, he bulldozed them, I love his passion and fervor, keep up the good work AJ

His behavior is bizarre if he

His behavior is bizarre if he wants to be taken serious. Maybe there is merit to him trying to discredit the movement like bill cooper said. There is a dichotomy with Paul supporters liking the style of Alex jones. Completely different tactics ..... I prefer pauls style

If you disagree with me on anything you are not a real libertarian...

Ron Paul

is a great man but he ran 3 times and lost. His tactics obviously lost him. He also let the media bully him through out the whole 2012 election.

Of course he's here to discredit the movement.

Then again, so was that Office of Naval Intelligence member, crazed alien cultist, and whack-job who shot at local police for a routine noise complaint, Bill Cooper.

And honestly, as much as I love Ron, I'd hardly call him an activist of Truth any longer. He runs from 9/11 like a child afraid of the dark, and for what? Political influence that never came?

"Listen to all. Follow none. Walk your own path the best you can."
-Chris Duane

EDIT: Love the down-votes, keep 'em coming. Serves only to prove your ignorance of history. If you think the Divine Right of Presidents will save you, you'll wear chains before long. Free men think for themselves. Sad to see so many here still love their serfdom to dogma.

"The state is the great fictitious entity by which everyone seeks to live at the expense of everyone else."
-Frederic Bastiat

It worked last time with that

It worked last time with that red coat Piers Morgan. Why fix it if it's not anywhere near broken?


One would have to ask themselves, if Alex Jones is leading the revolt against the elite, then why do the elite keep letting him on the air? Seems like they would try and stop him, no?

Anyone have an answer?


Because the tactic the media is losing will work. The sheeple will look at him as crazy. We like when Alex rants because we are passionate. We love our Country and really want freedom. The sheep are not passionate.

Yes. Because there aren't

Yes. Because there aren't many "elite."

Only a few hundred probably. Nearly everyone involved in their plans are what I call "useful idiots." This is everyone from guys like Edward Snowden who had a high paying job making bank for almost no work, to guys like the douche bag we just booted from chairman of our GOP who I caught activily cheating for Romney and tossing Paul delegates.

These people aren't "evil," they just believe the lies and are doing what they "believe" to be right. However, like Edward Snowden has prooven, they can wake up. They aren't part of any "brotherhood," nor are they central bankers.

So with that thought in mind, take the MSM. Are there bought and paid for people working for it? Probably, but only a few. Most of the "corruption" comes from the fact that these individual news organizations are making TONS of government payoffs and special privelages if they will report what the gov tells them too. Their employees will do as they are told if they want their paycheck and to ever work on television again.

But what happens when a show like Alex Jones dwarfs MSM shows, and their ratings plumet as people flee the TV for the internet and start getting all their news here, and from people like AJ? What happens when these media organizations are facing the looming spectre of bankruptsy and obseletion from low ratings? Simple, the incentive to put on newsworthy stories and guests from the alternative media dwarfs the incentive to only put on government propaganda which the average person now tunes out and "knows" is a pack of lies.

Free Market in action. A news mogel will ignore the government if he's going to go out of business if he doesnt. Remember, people are selfish, and the government does not inspire loyalty. They coerse and bribe loyalty. But when the gov starts going down and stories are breaking everywhere, the coersion looses its effect, and if the free market's incentives for truth outweigh the gov kickbacks, these "useful idiots" will follow the money and join the lynch mob.


We are right on schedule?

I don't have a crystal ball,

I don't have a crystal ball, but id say we are certainly we are at a crossroads. I think that the central banking empire is exposed and cannot last without WWIII. We've reached the 10% criticle mass on a global level. That's why the government is beggining to project force.

While we all know that governments "are" force, and nothing more; the moment they have to admit it, they are finished. Before this, they are a "government who rules by the sanction of the governed. They don't steal, they tax." After they admit it though, they are only a mafia who plunders what they want and rules by threat of violence. This can only last for a short time until people realize we outnumber them a million to 1 far more guns.

The only thing that could save the Banking Empire at this point is WWIII with the inclusion of nuclear holocost. They can't win a civil war and they know it. Americans would break up into kill squads and take out political targets without ever having to hold territory; which would make all these modern impliments of war irrelivant.

If civil war errupts, or the central bank is about to collapse, they'll probably use Isreal, alCIAda or some other 3rd party terrorist org they control to set off some false flags to draw us into WWIII. This "could" be what they wanted; its not like they haven't been busy building bunkers.

However its my belief that if we can overwhelm the political system, we can delay the policies that would lead to WWIII and even restore our Republic without violence. We can't avoid a dollar collapse, but who cares? It would spell the end of central banking in my opinion.

If states start nulifying and people just begin to ignore them, they'll probably try to project some force, but we'll kill them and they'll slink away until finally the serpant devours itself as the elite battle over the remaining spoils.

Right before any government collapses, the incentives to be a whistle blower begin to overpower the coersive reasons to stay quiet. There will be many "shocking" leaks in the near future to add to the already growing implosion happening. The trick will be to keep people informed that this isn't the result of Obombya. Its the result of a corrupt central banking system.

Summery: Its happening, for better or worse, and these are all just theories. No one knows what will happen for sure, or what the best way to win is. That's why we should ALL continue the fight for liberty in whatever way we are best at, or believe will work. We should NEVER fight about whose method is correct, because none of us know. Support those who fight for liberty even if you think they are being dumb about it. AJ is not for everyone, but he "is" for some... some who don't even know it yet. But they will if he keeps doing his thing. You do yours, Ill do mine. One of us will have the magic method that will put an end to this leviathan. Free market competition is always better than central planning.

Alex Jones taken to the woodshed.....

Alex's job is to discredit us. If he wasn't cointel pro then he would've exposed all of this. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pK6VLFdWJ4I Watch that and ask why he's never documented the readily available info in it. He exposes things and discredits all conspiracy theories by poisoning the well with debunkable info. Ryan Dawson on the other hand puts purely concrete info in his documentaries. I've never seen a shred of his info be debunked.