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No more organic corn in Orange County, California?

Just spoke with the produce manager at the Whole Foods in Huntington Beach California and was informed that the last of the local organic corn farms have been taken over by the largest GMO corn producers in California, if not the country. He told me it was due to subsidies that the company got from the government. I have not been able to confirm this, that is why I am turning to my friends here at the DP to help me confirm this, and if true, maybe we can do something about this.

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What's more alarming

There's no more oranges in Orange county CA. I remember as a kid all the orange groves.. so sweet smelling.. and Valencia CA.. no more oranges there either, GMO or not.



I'll see what I can find

But I think there is something to this, my local market can't get it either.

omg. It is almost impossible

omg. It is almost impossible to find things to eat that have no corn in them. What can we do?

Most all Amy's products have organic corn, if it comes with corn

And I found organic corn tortillas at whole Foods.