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Wow! Front page of Huffington Post features...

photos of Glenn Greenwald and Rand Paul with the headline THERE'S MORE

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It Helps That Greenwald Criticized Bush And Is Liberal

It gives him great credibility with the Huffington Post readers. Just look at how every comment is positive.

Were it Ron Paul, you'd have a lot of negative comments.

"Bipartisan: both parties acting in concert to put both of their hands in your pocket."-Rothbard


I am really starting to like this Glenn Greenwald guy. We need to get him on DP.

This is his defining moment.

This is his defining moment.

It is

And I wonder how far he is going to go with it. All the way I hope. I just hope it doesn't get him killed or something.


I had to post here to say your title really stinks. The title should not "to be continued" and there should be a link. Wtf?

on 2nd thought

you're right. it wasn't very good. i'll try better next time.
headline though was theirs not mine.
mine would have been more like TIP OF THE ICEBERG

No worries

I shouldn't have used the old "wtf" either. I must have had my panties in a bunch that day. No worries.