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Any news on the Economy today?

I am at work and haven't heard anything at all. Stocks? Anything interesting?

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the Fed's just playing with the numbers...

Basicly, the markets responded to the lower interest rate announced by the Fed and I hear their thinking of dropping it another quarter. Their just playing with numbers now for a short term fix and getting ppl a bit more excited about the markets which explains why its up today.

Ron Paul still says its inevitable that it'll go back down.

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down 200 now up 298.. a 500

down 200 now up 298.. a 500 point dead cat bounce.

It' Just

a dead cat bounce. The underlying problems still exist and are being compounded by lowering fed rates and promises of bailouts. The CDO issue
with MBIA and Ambac and their sub insurers is still looming, with trillions more in losses. These next few months will tell the tale.

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the market fluctuated 600 points today. For some odd reason, it rallyed toward the end. Makes no sense. I guess everyone said, holy crap, things seem cheap now.

Apparently, oil was down and that helped some.

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Dow up 300, after opening down 300

market is a mess