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Lets Do This For The Uss Liberty Survivors !

Please forward the following to all your contacts and media groups.

This message is meant for the People whom are taking part in becoming the Independent Media. We need a serious comprehensive documentary put together on this subject while the survivors are still alive. Some have recently received commendations over this matter but media coverage has been denied.

We already have the following:
1) Eyewitness USS Liberty survivors
2) Eyewitness USS Davis survivors(the rescue ship of the Liberty)
3) The BBC Documentary below
4) Govt. docs regarding the response to the Liberty’s distress call from high ranking officials of the Govt. including the President. This situation has to come to light.

If you are not familiar with this subject I think the below will give you enough information to get started on the project.


After hearing Larry Broyles (eyewitness on the USS Davis) testimony tonight of how they were treated and ordered to silence, I believe this information has to be documented and presented to the world before the full story is lost.

Any help you can give will be greatly appreciated. Let me know if you’re interested in forming an information gathering group to accumulate the facts, audios and videos to make this documentary come to fruition.

Jim Palmisano
H: 417-368-0160 417-368-0160 FREE
C: 417-849-9390 417-849-9390 FREE

"A miraculous healing awaits this planet once we accept our responsibility to collectively tend the garden rather than fight over the turf." - Bruce H. Lipton, PH.D.

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It saddens me deeply to see the state of my fellow Americans.

Public Indoctrination and decades of propaganda have influenced the minds of so many to not realize the precious gift of Liberty they are allowing to dissolve away.

One of the survivors of the USS Liberty lives near me and we are on a first name basis. Can you imagine the pain of losing your fellow shipmates and the government covering it up?


You should ask him about doing an interview and post it on youtube. Is he still in contact with other survivors? It would be great if we could put something together from many of them.

That is what Jim is trying to

That is what Jim is trying to put together. Please contact him and his group.


For sure.

They have been actively trying to get the word out for years.

He goes to town hall meetings to address our local congressman, and gets ignored by the establishment, even ridiculed by the local 'Tea Party' group. The Tea Party group kicked him off of his web page calling him an anti semite.

Here are their web sites.


Thanks for posting

As we can see, most on here don't want to discuss this. I suggest that we all start to increase our activity on exposing the truth about our so-called good friend, Israel. We will never has true freedom in America until we sever influence from foreign nations on our politicians who act without our approval.