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HELP! Should I stay, or should I go?

Please help! I love my family and I am starting to think that the best thing for us might be to leave the United States as soon as we can. I just don't want to end up "stuck" here like people who didn't leave Nazi Germany before it got really bad. Am I being too paranoid? (It doesn't feel that way) We will be coming into some money at the end of this year, and I believe that if we were to make the choice to leave it will be our only chance. Does anyone have any similar experiences they could share? I just want to get am much input as possible before I make a decision. Thanks everyone!

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First Choose the Best State

Sadly, there is no country across the board that supports all types of freedoms equally. Some countries are good on gun freedom but terrible on economic freedom. Some are good on social freedoms, but fail when it comes to private property or starting a business. Some places are amazing for property and business but require you be mostly disarmed or conform socially.

The USA, although slipping loads in the past 15+ years, still ranks higher than most countries when you consider every type of freedom. Of course, this varies based on what state you're in. New York, where I'm currently stuck, is about equal with a lot of socialist European countries, while other states such as Wyoming, S. Dakota, Vermont, New Hampshire, Texas, etc. are vastly better in almost every category of social and economic freedom.

In the future, given the mechanics of the monetary system and global economy, it seems likely the US will crash AFTER loads of other countries go down first. If you want to avoid the aftermath of crash in the USA, you have to wait until another country crashes and is on the road to recovery, and then move there before the US goes down completely. It will be hard to time this right and the option to travel may close before this occurs.

Regardless of what I personally think is prudent for myself, I'm at an age where I have no real choice to leave without abandoning people that I won't abandon. This is fine since I don't see anywhere to really flee to that is all that much better. I'm just looking for ways to remain free in an increasingly unfree *world*.

Okay, here is the answer


“Disobedience is the true foundation of liberty. The obedient must be slaves.”― Henry David Thoreau



"What light is to the eyes - what air is to the lungs - what love is to the heart, liberty is to the soul of man."
-Robert Green Ingersoll

Where could you possibly run?

No where that you would have even the remote ability to defend yourself. That is unless you have a lot of money and don't mind living in the third world.

"Timid men prefer the calm of despotism to the tempestuous sea of liberty."

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Here's how I feel about it...

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"I have not yet begun to fight" - J.P. Jones


The individual who refuses to defend his rights when called by his Government, deserves to be a slave, and must be punished as an enemy of his country and friend to her foe. - Andrew Jackson

Fight or flight? Stay and

Fight or flight?

Stay and fight. Defend your country, don't flee from it.

If you do go and leave us behind, the tyranny will eventually catch up with you. Leaving America is just a temporary remedy at best, and at worse you may be helping the enemy by leaving.

I'm not a, "world citizen."

I'm an American. I was born here, and I'm going to die here....fighting all the way to my grave.

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.

and go where>?

and go where>?

You can't have that title, without someone posting this...

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"The State is a gang of thieves writ large." - Murray Rothbard

Great idea!

I struggled with the decision for years. I think I finally decided to hunker down. But I reserve the right to change my mind - unless it's too late.

Now that I know for positively sure that this comment is being monitored, recorded, and filed away for another more desperate day......

The choice is yours

When you believe in the principles of Liberty you are indeed an individual with your own thinking body. Only you can make the ultimate decision of leaving or staying here in the U.S.

All I can say is if you leave, I wouldn't blame you for it.

His name is Edward Snowden

What is Capitalism?

I would travel

I would not leave unless I felt 99.9999% sure that my family and self were going to be safer and prosper, find peace and LOVE.. happiness even in sad times.

I intend to travel at some point, but I LOVE America and I will not run, but continue to work to make MY America, a better America.