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Nominate Edward Snowden for the Nobel Peace Prize & rescind Obama's award

Can anyone get something like that going?

Send a message to the authorities that everyone who believes in freedom, across the political spectrum, can latch onto.

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I would love to see a nobel

I would love to see a nobel peace prize awarded to "The Whistle Blowers."

An honor to Bradly Manning, Julian Assange Edward Snowden, and others who have come forth at amazing personal risk to expose these monsters.

Who can nominate

Wow thanks for sharing

Now we have confirmation that the 'nobel' prize is just another small self selected crony group of garbage. Not that any well thinking person would assume otherwise. Reading the quick passage at the link just makes it sink in. "The highest form of liberal idiots and past illegitimate winners are allowed to vote". Sorry the quotations aren't literally true but effectively true. I would bet a few million votes on change. or some other media effective place would change their mind. Unfortunate to use a service being that everything I see from change. I would rather vote down but they don't provide that option. What to do to corral interest from the liberal brainwashed folks? I'm still working on that, but quick simple freedom minded ideas going viral seem the best.

An excellent idea. Judge

An excellent idea. Judge Napolitano wrote a book, "It is Dangerous to be Right When the Government is Wrong". No three people better exemplify that truth than Assange, Manning, and Snowden.