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What We Know So Far About Santa Monica Rampage Suspect John Zawahri

More details are emerging about the man suspected of going on a violent spree that began at his father's home and ended a mile away in the library of Santa Monica College where students were studying for finals.

Yesterday police said that a bitter family dispute and mental issues could have motivated John Zawahri's rampage on Friday afternoon in Santa Monica, and now we're learning more details about Zawahri and his family.

Zawahri was the son of Samir Zawahri, 55, and Randa Abdou, 54. Coroner's officials have not confirmed it but media reports suggest that gunman's father and brother Chris Zawahri, 25, were his first victims—their bodies were reportedly found in the smoldering ruins of Samir Zawahri's Santa Monica home.


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Nice surveillance photo...

of him entering the library.

Too bad we still can't see Sandy Hoax surveillance pics.

And, also, he's crazy. Go figure.

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Yea, that figures, we get

Yea, that figures, we get video of this guy, but not the other. Inconsistant at best.

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And before anyone says it--NO he is not my doppleganger!

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That isn't

a high school picture of Benicio Del Toro?