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2 completely innocent phone conversations I had last week that were SECRET!

A good friend of mine told me a couple weeks ago that he didn't care if someone read his emails or heard his phone conversations because....oh...wait for it... "I’ve got nothing to hide". I told him he was so full of $hit and reminded him that he calls his bookie nearly every week. He said...yeah, okay, but other than that, etc. At the time the only recent conversation I recalled having which would make me uncomfortable if it was shared, was a call where I discussed how fat my sister had gotten and a rather blunt discussion ensued about how I am always being crucified by my sister for smoking when in fact, her diet and excessive weight is causing her far more health issues than my smoking has ever caused me. (but, that’s not the point here)

However, last week 2 phone conversations I had put holes in the "I've got nothing to hide" argument. The first was when I was headed to the home of a friend that I have not known very long. She had asked me to come by and pick up 2 computer monitors that she wanted to get rid of. We were scheduled to meet at a specific time and on my way there, she called and said she had been delayed and would probably not be at her house when I arrived. She then said "hey wait a minute, I keep a key hidden outside...why don't you just let yourself in and get the monitors"? She then told me where she kept the key. Now, knowing where someone hides their extra key is not real high value information, but it is privileged information that should be kept secret and shared only with the specific people who an individual chooses to trust with that information.

The other call had to do with $100 that was owed to me. The guy that owed me the $100 lives an hour away and we don't see each other often. However, we are both friends with a guy that runs a lumber yard not too far from me. It’s a small lumber yard and the people that work there are in and out all day, often leaving the yard and the office unlocked while they run around town. Since we both go to the lumber yard to see our mutual friend regularly my buddy told me he was going to leave the $100 he owed me in the top drawer of a filing cabinet in the sales office. Again, $100 hidden in a filing cabinet is not a major "secret", but that information was private, between me and my friend.

I'm trying to compile a "real world" list of situations that I can use to combat the "I've got nothing to hide" crowd. If you have others, please post them in the comments.


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easiest reply?

"I have nothing to hide!"
"Ok, let me read your texts."

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Anyone who believes they have nothing to hide are clueless

My family had a friend (passed on now), who lived in Germany as the Nazis came to power. He told the story of an older couple in their neighborhood that were taken away in the night. Nobody understood why since they were not Jewish or any of the other categories being targeted. They hadn't even been politically active. With time it came out that their mistake was they bought bagels once a week from a Jewish bakery because they liked bagels. Somebody had reported this behavior to the Nazis and they were hauled off for "questioning".

So their crime was liking bagels and their mistake was letting others see them purchasing them.

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Several months ago my attorney asked me to give him all of my books and records. As I was being investigated by the IRS and DOJ. I brought him all of my records and he looked through them and they seemed to be okay. When my accountant needed them back her and I were texting one another for a date and time for her to go to Texas pick them up and bring them back to her office So that she could finish all of my tax returns. In the text messages it's stated the pick up time and when she would be arriving back at her office. The morning that she arrived at her office 40 IRS agents where there to greet her. And took all of my records. Every single thing that you do is under total surveillance. You now have zero privacy.

According to

Nothing to hide. According to who??? forever is a long time. And can someone take what you say out of context on purpose, Frame you? miss speak what ever. I want my privacy back. I'm much more afraid of a rouge Government agent then any terrorist ( Graham, McInsain, Obama, D. Feinstein or is it D. Frankenstein That is just a few of the many lose cannons that I don't trust!

A good counter

to the "nothing to hide" argument is "Do you suppose that's why so many police hate being filmed?"

I then remind them that those are the same people who push the "nothing to hide" argument on folks in the first place.

At that point I usually shut up and watch them make weird little faces while the wheels in their head begin to turn.

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Oh how I hate that response.

This isn't so much about the phone/email scandal, but it is to do with privacy, rights, and that particular response to it. When the Boston bombing happened, I didn't focus so much on who was responsible for it because the whole lockdown/police state that ensued after had my stomach in knots. I then saw that youtube video of someone filming there neighbours being taken out of their home and treated like criminals at gunpoint. I posted that to my facebook with how I felt about being so quick to give up our rights for security...., and of coarse someone did it, they commented with the "if you ain't got nothing to hide then what's the big deal?"

Here's how I like to respond to it: " oh ok so you would be ok if the government installed cameras in everyone's home? surely then they could have tabs on a possible terror plot if they did this. I mean if you don't have anything to hide then what's the big deal?"

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If the Government classifies everything

mostly just to cover their "public servant's" ass, then certainly they may consider every phone conversation I have or website I visit is to be CLASSIFIED unless I say different esp. since the fourth amendment was written FOR ME, NOT FOR THEM. Oh and no more of their secret/classified interpretations of the law they seem to be so fond of these days. I mean can you wrap your head around that one? That's another way of saying, we can do what ever the hell we want to because we have our own interpretation of the laws of the land... oh and we're not going to tell you what those interpretations are, maybe not even when you are arrested or detained or whatever their new phrase for it might be. My personal favorite: "enhanced interrogations". And so, summing this, and much more all up, make no mistake, all this is NOT about catching a tiny handful of "terrorists" out of 7.5 billion people... its about keeping track of political dissidents, possible trouble makers and trouble makers, PERIOD.

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If he has nothing to hide,

If he has nothing to hide, then presumably he wouldn’t mind setting up surveillance cameras in his house. According to his stated belief—I have nothing to hide—what possible objection could he have with this arrangement as compared to one where only his computer and phone are watched? The reality, I suspect, is not one of hiding anything, but a deep-seated presumption of privacy over and beyond any real exigency. As Steve Chapman recently put it: “Enthusiasts for electronic surveillance may say: If you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear. But there’s a reason people don’t live in glass houses.”

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Every call I make or receive personally...

should be private, between me and the caller.

If I'm calling American Express to discuss a late charge I fully understand the conversation is recorded. This is ok because I am calling a commercial entity, a legal fiction, a corporate body, and that entity or body has an obligation to see the monitoring of those who work under it - in defense of the entity of body.

However, if I make a call to my brother I have made it perfectly clear that in dialing a determined set of numbers I am invoking a communication, a private communication, not a communication to a commercial entity or body. What I say or what is said to me is clearly not meant for any other body other than that of whom I've called concerning a private matter. The phone number is assigned to a natural person in contract, assuming the role of a commercial entity by signature. And this is how they are doing it.

Your phones are by your very use implied to be property of the natural person signing under contract of the phone as a "person".
The contracts we hold for communications render us commercial entities, legal fictions, and thereby technically your conversations are recorded moment to moment by your usage of a device that has been assigned by number to a natural person, who gave up freedom of communication when you signed to assume the commercial entity ("person"), by definition inclusive of human beings.

Is it any wonder that privacy is second-hand when every word you speak over the phone or internet is being spoken by the allowance of the commercial entities who are contracted with you whether you understand it or not.

My dispute with government agencies spying on such private communication is that I DIDNT CALL YOU!!! When I call the NSA someday then I understand the conversation will be recorded, but I didn't call you for the reason that I believe you to be meddling in affairs that were never meant to concern you and you are curious about my thoughts and words so much that you would seek to follow me behind the curtains and nameless.

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I got Herpes

Here's another possible real world conversation

Ex girlfriend/boyfriend calls you up and says

"Hey, (your name) I dont know how to tell you this but I have Herpes and you might want to get tested. Oh and it wouldn't hurt to just have a full STD scan. Have a nice day."

Ive got nothing to hide

And nothing I would like to share with any government agency without a warrant period. If I've got something to tell them I will call them. I would not wait by the phone if I were them.

My personal conversations are private between myself and the person with whom I'm conversing. If you are listening to my private conversations or recording them for future listening, without my consent, you are violating the law and should be prosecuted accordingly.

How's that for real world?

"A great civilization is not conquered from without until it has destroyed itself within" W. Durant

I have been using...

the IRS and their targeting of conservative groups as an example. If you are talking to a dem remind them that the next administration may well be republican... how will they feel then? Also, it's not a far leap that any other group could be targeted next.

Another good example is private messages to a bf/gf/so... I don't often sext with my husband but I know many who do, and who wants to share that with the gov/nsa/onlygodknows. Could these exchanges be used against us in the future? Food for thought.

Another term for preventive war is aggressive war- starting wars because someday somebody might do something to us. That is not part of the American tradition.
-Ron Paul